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How to Really Own Your Story 

How to Really Own Your Story 

What kind of story is God writing in your life? Are you embracing it? Sharing it? Present for it? However unexpected, however many twists it may hold, You can trust God with your narrative and your days. It's time to enter into what He is doing in our lives!

We’re well past the Christmas season of course, but I continue to think of her again and again.

Sometimes I wonder if just maybe I’m speculating, yet my mind returns to her story.

Mary moves me.  Yes Mary, the mother of our Lord.  Quite honestly, this year more than ever before her life experience lodges itself deep into my mind and spirit....and simply won’t let go.

At least not yet.

I am struck by the very start of her narrative. Angelic visitation to a single girl who chose to say ‘yes’.  What gets my attention is a realization that Mary’s obedient response also accomplished something more. 

I believe Mary OWNED her story with her ‘yes’ response. 

Yes, I’ll carry this child.

Yes, I’ll be the focus of questions.

Yes, this alters my plans.

Yes, this is my son. Our son.

Yes. Yes. Yes.

And she did this not only once.

Over and over the Gospels present Mary showing up, speaking up and living up to that initial YES. At her son’s first miracle.  At the Cross. In the upper room.  Yes.

I imagine an option for her to live somewhat hidden after everything she had gone through. In reality Mary encountered controversial and difficult experiences. Taking a back seat or performing a disappearing act would make sense.  

Own Your Story -- Show Up

I sometimes get this hard-to-describe feeling when thinking of giving voice to parts of my story.  You?

Words get caught, time freezes, and I look wide-eyed in the light of questions I may not have a response to, or situations I would rather avoid.

Ah, friends.  Ever want to hide a bit from your own life?

But what would happen if we, like Mary, kept showing up IN our own story?  Even when the doubts within us or around us arise.  Even when it’s hard or we struggle.  Especially when we struggle. 

What if we showed up anyway?

We can pretend our difficult stories and situations don’t exist or that they didn’t happen. We can hide and stuff away the associated pain, loss and suffering of our narratives.  We can live a lie until no one, not even us, knows the difference anymore.

But this is not owning our story.  It is our story owning us.  

Sometime soon dear sister, I encourage you to tell your story to another person.  After all, Mary left for Elizabeth’s rather quickly after the news!  

Find a trusted someone who will carry your story with you -- who will listen without judgement and with care.  Speak your YES and let another know what it’s all about for you.

Own your story sister.  Step right into your narrative and SHOW UP.


Daniele Evans

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