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Mom, Give Yourself Time to Recover

Mom, Give Yourself Time to Recover

Do you give yourself time to pause? Allow yourself time for recovery after a major  change? Maybe, like most moms, your inclination  is to press onward until you burn out. Here's why taking a season to go slow is so important.

In an ideal world -- 

We would give ourselves persmission to pause and rest after a major shift or transition.

Ideally, when a loved one is lost, a baby is born, when we are seriously ill or caring for someone who is...

...when we find ourselves somehow living life much, much differently than before, we would find shoulders to cry on and allow others to tend to our physical and emotional needs.


Instead, I find most of us Moms burn the candle at both ends trying to care for everyone and everything, and making sure it all gets done.  Whatever “IT” is at the moment.

Maybe we do not understand the depth of our need or the impact of what just happened.  

I also think our society, even among Christian circles, places this invisible pressure upon us to recover within some equally invisible timetable of “shouldn’t you be moving on or getting better by now?”

It’s sometimes not an ideal world Sister. 

So what should you and I do about it?

Well, I suggest we write a manifesto which goes something like this:

In 2017, I will allow myself and others time to recover. To do what seems needed or wanted for bouncing back emotionally, physically and spiritually after a tough situation or season. Through Christ, I can do this.

“He gives stregth to the weary, and increases the power of the weak.” -- Isaiah 40:29

Take my words or write up your own manifesto, but let me be clear:  this is NOT the easiest thing to do.  Remember that invisible pressure?

It will pull at you, get inside your head and maybe even convince your heart you’re just a weakling. Don’t listen -- that voice is a lie. Christ is not overwhelmed or intimidated by your needs. He offers you room to recover...and slowly if needed.

Ideally, you’ll take him up on the offer.

Daniele Evans


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