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A Fabulous Gift for Your Kids Up to 70% Off!

A Fabulous Gift for Your Kids Up to 70% Off!

You may have seen my glowing review of incredible audio adventures last month.... Well, I just discovered some FANTASTIC NEWS about Jonathan Park!  The biggest sale of the year is HAPPENING RIGHT NOW!  For only 3 days only, you can get up to 70% off. 

I have found that listening to audio adventures while in the car or at home while the kids are playing, coloring or working on a hands-on project is a great creative outlet and a way to keep their minds engaged.


These action-packed, faith-building audio adventures have now been repackaged into 4-CD Series Packs and radically reduced to $25 EACH for the holidays – that’s almost 60% off the regular price! Go to

And for those of you interested in an even more INCREDIBLE DEAL on the MASTER COLLECTION – it’s currently 70% OFF – 



This is a great time to stock up on Jonathan Park for Christmas…and be sure to tell all your friends!  



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