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How Audio Adventures Can Impact Your Child's Life

How Audio Adventures Can Impact Your Child's Life

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In a world inundated with video games and visually stimulating activities for children, we have lost the art of playing and learning by listening. I am thrilled to share with you one of the very best tools I have found to take your children on a grand adventure unlocking their imagination! Jonathan Park Audio Adventures are like “Movies for Your Ears”, taking you on wild adventures and building your faith along the way!  I seriously canNOT wait for you to experience these for yourself. The production of these videos is fabulous and my children loved them from the very beginning!


As I took time to really dive into the company of Jonathan Park and the whole world of audio adventures there was some intriguing info I found that really solidified my desire to share these adventures with my children. It is WAY more than entertainment and I was unaware of the impact these audio adventures could have on a child's life. So much so that I wanted to pass on the advantages of audio adventures to you and your family. Here they are below:

What are the Advantages of Audio Adventures?

o   Audio adventures are a more powerful and effective alternative to video for pure Entertainment because listeners continually create stories in their limitless imaginations.

o   Audio adventures are a more robust way to bolster your children's Education because science shows that they activate the critical thinking side of the brain.

o   Audio adventures spark Creativity in your children's minds, unlike video which puts the brain on "cruise control".

o   Audio adventures are Inspirational because your children can create their own custom movies in their minds.

o   Audio adventures offer more Lasting Value than video. Since they're not limited by someone else's imagination, your kids will want to listen to them over and over - each time offers something fresh and new!

o   Audio adventures are so Convenient – your family can listen to them in the car, while doing chores, enjoying fun activities, or when your kids are settling down for the night (a great alternative to TV).

As you can see audio adventures are extremely beneficial to our children, but I what I love about Jonathan Park is that it doesn't stop there. Jonathan Park is on a mission to help children grow in their faith and learn truths that will impact them for years to come!

I was sent The Dreamer’s Tomb series for review and I would highly recommend you start with this exciting adventure! Here is a little bit about this series:

From the Moment they arrive in Cairo, Jonathan and his friends are presented with an opportunity of a lifetime- to take part in a captivating archaeological dig that uncovers jaw-dropping evidence of the Biblical account of Joseph! A city under a city, an amazing palace, intriguing tombs, a spell-binding statue, missing bones, and a unique waterway next to the Nile- all key pieces of a puzzle that are too compelling to ignore! But with each new discovery, the sinister attempts to sabotage their plans intensifies!

As I mentioned, one of my very favorite things about the Jonathan Park Audio Adventures is the scientific and biblical learning that can take place as you listen. Each series has recommended verses to look up for faith takeaways, as well as specific science topics that are included. 

Here is the series we received below:


The Original Adventures were produced for kids ages 6-12+. The New Adventures (The Dreamer’s Tomb and subsequent albums) are produced for kids ages 12-16+. All of the adventures have been produced to be enjoyed by the entire family

If you think this sounds like a great addition to your family, Jonathan Park is offering the community of The Better Mom this special promotion below:

From Jonathan Park --->>>OFFER: We would like to offer your subscribers an Additional 20% OFF ANY audio adventure. Whether they’re a long-time Jonathan Park fan and are just interested in the new series (The Dreamer’s Tomb) or if they’re brand new to Jonathan Park and would like to start their younger kids with The Adventure Begins (series 1 of the Original Adventures), they can use your special coupon to take an ADDITIONAL 20% OFF ANY Series pack. Most are currently on sale for 33% OFF!

To choose your adventure <<<CLICK HERE>>> and enter the coupon code: bettermom20

Can't wait to hear how your family likes the Jonathan Park adventures!

Many blessings,

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Disclosure: I was given the J.Park series for my honest review. All opinions are my own.


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