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Don't Let the Thanksgiving Shine Wear Off

Don't Let the Thanksgiving Shine Wear Off

Thanksgiving has come and gone, but its warmth can last all year long. Let's remember gratitude and carry it with us into the winter season ahead. A heart of thanks can change our perspective on everything else.

We made it! The turkey did, in fact, get finished on time and the cranberry sauce is still sitting in the dish shaped like the can because everyone insists we have it, but no one ever eats it.

We got the Normal Rockwell-esque photo taken with all the shining faces surrounded a table burgeoning with all manner of food.

We went around, hand-in-hand, and offered up that for which we are thankful. Things both large and small. Family. Friends. Fuzzy Socks. Pumpkin Pie.

And then we woke up today.

Maybe the dishes are still piled a mile high because the turkey coma kicked in before anyone could bring themselves to tackle them.

The kids are antsy and already begging a mile-a-minute for all the things for Christmas, and we're fairly certain we won't catch our breath until Valentine's Day.

It's so easy to lose the warm-fuzzies and give in to the post-Thanksgiving hangover—which gives way to grumpy moms with bed head who just wanted five more minutes under the covers.

But, friends, let's commit now—this very morning while your coffee is getting cold and your kids are starting to argue and you're wishing for Monday to just get here already so they can go back to school (and then swallow the guilt that inevitably follows that thought)—to not let the shine wear off.

Let's choose to be thankful for those dishes smelling up the sink because that means we had food to eat a feast with those we love.

Let's choose to be thankful for those bickering tiny humans because these days are fleeting and these moments are precious. Let's be thankful for the day that we can spend together without the office, or classroom, or deadline beckoning.

Let's choose to be thankful for the upcoming holiday craziness because it means we're making memories with those we love the most. (And maybe let's also commit to giving ourselves grace and agree not to try to do ALL the Christmas things).

Let's let the message gratitude and spirit of Thanksgiving carry us into the Christmas season with a deeper sense of thankfulness for what Jesus has done for us. Because it's oh so much. Much more than we could every truly fathom—or could ever hope to repay.

Let's hang on to warmth of family and festivity so we can extend that to those around us with love and a heart for serving.

So, happy Friday after Thanksgiving, sister-friend. What are you holding onto today?

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