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Loving the Home You Have, Not the One You 'Pin'

It can be easy to complain about our house, so how do we choose gratitude instead?  How can we have a deep appreciation for the reality in front of us, instead of the dream home on our online boards?

I am not sure why women feel the crazy need to apologize for their homes, especially to other women.

Years ago when preparing for company, a play date, or simply a friend’s visit, I would sometimes greet guests with a rolling litany of things that I plan to do (or projects I intend to finish) and just how this room or that would come together when...


Why sister do we fill conversation with explanations of how our home could, should, will be, isn’t, would be, and can’t right now?  

Maybe our identity is too caught up in external things instead of quiet confidence.  A confidence not dependent on a certain square footage and what it looks like.

While your home can be an extension of tastes, personality and personal style -- it is not the defining factor in how great of a wife or mother you actually are.  

This simply isn’t true.

Maybe we need to grow in contentment too, right?  Deepening appreciation for the reality in front of us, instead of the dream home on our online boards (and yes, I too have Pinterest boards full of home ideas.  It’s okay to dream).

A settled satisfaction with what we have and already own goes far in helping us to tame the comparison monster.

I think maturing in these ways would certainly help any of us.

Maybe too we should consider just what this rambling on (and on) about our latest home complaint actually sounds like.  

Just how does that other woman feel about our words?

Do they make her uncomfortable or uneasy as we share?

Choose Gratitude

Speaking graciously and thankfully about our home spaces, whether we love them or not, gives a firm message to others that we are grateful.  

The conversation’s tone is set up on a positive note, even if everything in your home is really not as you would like it to be.

Make Hospitality the Focus

Focus on your guest, NOT on your home.  

From the beginning, create an atmosphere where attention goes to your visitors.  We can all learn to resist the temptation to explain away our latest complaint about home, or some part of it.

Remember -- people are much more important than things.  Relationships are the key.  So, shape the visit around this priority.

Dress Up What You Can

Where you can make a difference in your home -- DO.  

Whatever your budget or time frame can afford, there is no need to be completely restricted.  Honestly, pinning ideas is a great way to connect with a vision of what you like!

It’s possible to be grateful, focus on hospitality and still dream about and create a home we truly enjoy.

Any other encouragements?


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