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5 Things To Do Instead Of Get Lost In Facebook

Are you attached to Facebook? Always skimming through and ready for another fix of social connection? If you are ready to learn how to put the phone down and engage in your offline life, Mamas, we are here to help with these tips for how to kick the habit and what to do with your time (and heart) instead.

Do you feel that silent nudge that you're becoming addicted to the internet? What a difficult and ever-so-present temptation for our generation of mothers. If you feel discouraged and unsatisfied by the time you're spending on Facebook (or Pinterest, or Instagram...or whatever other computer/iPhone black hole you are sucked into!) - THERE IS HOPE.

Here are the two steps I have realized to help with Motherhood Internet Addiction. (It is a thing!)

  1. Tell your husband. The first time I told my husband, "I'm so tired, and all I feel like doing is going on Facebook!" he said, "That is the most honest thing you've ever told me. Thank you." The point is, we need accountability, and (in most circumstances) there is a definite, intangible blessing and help that comes from our husbands.
  2. Realize the need behind the addiction. Like any other addiction, there is a reason you are filling an emptiness inside you. I feel most drawn to my iPhone when I am a) stressed about something b) exhausted. What are you really feeling when you feel drawn to technology?

So now, when you are stressed/tired/disappointed/worried and drawn to your iPhone, what can you do instead?

  1. Nothing. Yes! One time my college professor told us, "Sometimes I sit in a chair and do nothing. It bothers my wife, but I think we have lost the art of just sitting and thinking!" I agree. Look around you. Observe. Let your mind wander. We hardly no how to do that anymore.
  2. Read a magazine. This really helps because I can relax, but in a way that somehow seems more productive. I love magazines! My mother-in-law is always subscribing me to something, but I've often thought they'd be worth the cost anyway!
  3. Read a book. Different sort of relaxing. In order to do this, you need to have them lying all around! Here are the books I'm reading this summer.
  4. Be goofy with your kids. I'm sure if you think about it, most of the time you can find something completely hilarious that is happening around you. It just takes some eyes to see it! Nothing like REAL laughing to get you out of a slump.
  5. Think about what is really bothering you, and say it out loud. Perhaps in a prayer-form? Such healing in being honest and admitting when we need help.

Fight the good fight, mamas. We do not want to look back and regret the time we have spent with our eyes on our computers!

What are your tips for resisting the technology lure? Share!



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