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How to Nurture Your Child's Gifts

So, your child wants to further develop their interests or talents? Do you ever wonder how you can best support their efforts, or even help them discover their passions? It's simpler than you might have ever imagined.

I believe God gives everyone gifts!  There is something we are all good at. It may not always be talents that are in the spotlight such as singing or playing a musical instrument but there is something inside of all of us that shines especially bright.

I believe this to be true in our children as well and I would encourage you to help them find their gifts and help nurture them.  I know for many parents they get an idea in their head for their children, sometimes even before they are born that they will be great athletes or have the same gifts they enjoyed themselves.  This is not always the case and you can spend years pushing something toward your children that isn't really meant to be. 

Some wonderful ways to nurture your children's gifts are:

1. Have things at home that encourage imagination and learning. Art supplies, a piano or other musical instruments (if you can), books, and good sporting equipment.   It won't take long before you see what they enjoy and excel at because they will start to pick up the things that interest them the most!

2. If you do structured activities such as sports, try things slowly at first.  Maybe they wanted to play baseball but they realize they are not very good at it and decide to try basketball.  Have them finish the season and then try basketball, you may just be shocked when they are shooting baskets left and right.  Sometimes it takes a while to find the right fit!

3. Pray God show you - God is the giver of gifts, ask HIM to show you and your child what it is they are meant to do and excel at.

4. When you find the special gift or gifts, encourage your children in them.  Go to their games, help them find a good practice schedule, and encourage them when they are struggling.   If they are an artist , try to have supplies for them on hand, they make wonderful birthday and Christmas gifts. Let them express themselves, it is truly a beautiful thing when they find what makes them soar.

5. If your child doesn't excel at music, or sports remember there are many gifts.  Maybe your child is a great encourager, has a deep heart for missions, loves bible study, or loves books or crafts. Those are wonderful gifts that will benefit them for a lifetime!  Don't discourage your children because they don't fit the mold you wanted for them, remember God created them exactly how HE wanted!

Enjoy your children, encourage them with your words and actions. Remind them how you love to watch them play, or draw, or encourage a friend! This will help nurture their gifts the most, every child wants approval from their parents.  Savor every moment, they go by way too quickly!


Angela, Together with Family

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