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Sanctification Through Motherhood

Motherhood is sanctifying. If we allow it to, motherhood can be a great catalyst for our own growth. So, in those difficult seasons, how can we be sure that God's truth is evident, that his kingdom is coming to bear? How can we see him in our everyday? It's all in how we respond to him.

Sanctification is something that every Christ-follower desires to emulate. To be holy, set apart, and consecrated to our Lord is really the ultimate goal for a Christian. And while God uses many of our day-to-day circumstances to prepare us for His service, undoubtedly much sanctification occurs through motherhood.

I remember carrying my first child, it was absolute bliss. The simple fact that a life was forming inside of my womb made me the happiest woman on the face of the earth. I love how God entrusts moms to nurture and love His perfect creation into life. And I love the moment that I am able to hold that beautiful child in my arms - at the appointed time for them to make their appearance into the world.

I've been blessed with carrying 5 children in my womb. Of those 5 children, 2 of them passed away. And even in their physical death, being a mother to those precious babies has (and continues to this day) to sanctify me as I need Jesus every minute of every hour to be at peace from their early departures from this life.

Once a mother has been blessed with life in her womb, things will never be the same. And so it begins. Sanctification through motherhood.

To the momma who is reading this while her colicky baby is crying in the background and you just need a moment to breath: you are being sanctified. To the mom with many who is feeling overwhelmed and tempted to give up: you are being sanctified. To the mom who has a teen that is rebelling against all that is right and good: you are being sanctified. To the mom who is shattered because her child is no more: you are being sanctified. And to the woman who desires to be a mom but has yet to become one: you too, dear one, are being sanctified.

In one of my favorite chapters in the Bible, John 17, Jesus said this as He prayed to His Father:

Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth. -John 17:17

This Scripture has taken me through many times of sanctification and I suspect it will carry me through many, many more. Let's really think about what Jesus prayed here - he asked the Father to sanctify us with the truth of His word. But how? We surely play a role in this sanctification process, don't we? Yes. We do.

How can we be sure that we are allowing God's sanctifying truth to be evident in our lives? Here are just a few ways that have worked in my own life:

Memorizing God's Word
This has come in handy in so many times when I needed to pull from His wisdom and strength. When we face the unknown, having His word stored in our heart makes hearing His voice so much easier. And hearing His voice is vital when we are being sanctified.

Praying and Speaking God's Word
This alone has given me the courage to continue on during both the good and bad times. The power and strength I am able to pull when I pray scripture is indescribable. All I know is that I cannot survive apart from doing so.

Being Available
I've found that the simple act of being available to hear from God allows me to be available for my children, husband, and those God calls me to spend time with. This is an important aspect of motherhood and the sanctification process motherhood provides.

I want to encourage you today, dear mom, that no matter what you are facing in your motherhood journey that God is using it for His good (Genesis 50:20). Don't focus on the falling short in your motherhood journey, rather focus on Him. Allow the Rock of Ages to sanctify you by His truth and let the journey of motherhood be your training ground.

To Him Who is Able,

Carlie Kercheval


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