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10 Reasons to be Thankful

10 Reasons to be Thankful
10 Reasons to be Thankful

One thing that life has taught me, specifically the Christ-centered life, is to be thankful. There are so many reasons to give thanks to God. I find that if we focus on the little, everyday things, it makes for a more joy-filled and peaceful life. But if we are being truthful, there are times that we are so self-centered that we forget to give God thanks for the simple, everyday things life brings our way.

Last night while I was in prayer I heard the Lord whisper softly, "Remind my people to be thankful." And while this post will be seen by many, please know dear sister, that I write this list for myself just as much as I write it for you. As you read the items on this list, think of some things that you could be more appreciative of. Be sure and make a conscious decision to be thankful. There is always something to be thankful for, even in the most difficult situations - God is in the midst of it all. Let's cultivate an attitude of thankfulness today, and every day.

10 Reasons to be Thankful

  1. For the gentle wind that blows our hair out of place. He is with us.
  2. For the ability to kiss our baby's boo-boo. That band aid may seem simple to us, but He clothes it in love and they remember.
  3. For the slight chill in the morning after a fresh rainfall. The rain may mess up our fashion plans, but it sends nourishment to the earth and yields fruit to bless His people.
  4. For the fever that our baby has. Their body still has the ability to fight off infections and sickness, and that, dear sister is a blessing.
  5. For the ups and downs in motherhood. It makes us stronger and gives us character.
  6. For the messy rooms our children occupy. While the mess can be daunting, the little lives and personalities who live in them are an absolute blessing. I'll take the mess as long as I can have my babies!
  7. For empty milk containers put back in the fridge. While this used to upset me, I've learned to be thankful. I adore the tiny hands that put it there, and for that, I am thankful.
  8. For nights when I don't sleep because my child needs me. In times past I've been tempted to feel sorry for myself when I am sleep deprived for serving my children. I decided to ditch that attitude and thank God I am able to be with my children when they are ill. What a blessing that is!
  9. For the wrinkles that are forming around my eyes. I heard my grandma once say that those who smile often are the first to have wrinkles around their eyes. I adore my soft wrinkles because I smile often.
  10. For the stretchmarks my belly bares. I am a proud momma of 5. While we only have the chance to raise 3 of the 5 here on earth, my belly marks the 5 that this momma will always love in her heart. What an honor to be chosen to be a mother.

My challenge to you (and myself) is to stop and take the time to be thankful in the very moment that you are feeling ungrateful. Discipline yourself to do the opposite of what your flesh wants you to do. Make it a habit to praise God in the very moment that your flesh is telling you to feel sorry for yourself. While it isn't easy, it can become a powerful habit that will change the very landscape of your existence. And I promise you that it will be a glorious victory! You can see 20 more ways to be thankful if you are looking for even more encouragement!

Cheering you on,

Carlie K. @ Managing Your Blessings

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