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20 Reasons I am Thankful

Thanksgiving season is upon us and we're counting our blessings! What are you thankful for and how do you share it?

In a world where we are conditioned to want more and complain about what we don't have, I find such solitude in giving thanks to God for the little things. I am so grateful for a God who can give me the right perspective when it can be so tempting to focus on my immediate circumstances.

In this season of thanksgiving, I'm reminded how important it is to share how thankful I am in everything. In sharing our gratitude we honor Christ and encourage one another to live a life bent towards Him. He is the very reason we have anything to be thankful for. Today I am sharing 20 of the many reasons I am thankful.

20 Reasons I am Thankful

  1. For His written word. I don't know what I'd do without the Bible. His written word is the very crux of my born-again existence.
  2. For a long wait in a public place. This allows me to pray for people. I didn't used to see it this way, but now I do.
  3. For the fresh smell after a gentle rain. Knowing that He is blessing the earth so His fruit can come forth is a beautiful thing.
  4. For God keeping my loved ones safe. This is something that I praise Him for daily. He is faithful.
  5. For my precious husband. I'm thankful for the love of God that comes through my husband and touches me. God truly handcrafted him for me.
  6. For three beautiful children that God has entrusted my husband and me to steward.
  7. For the ability to walk. I try to always be aware of the blessing it is to walk around freely.
  8. For clean water. I can't even imagine what it would be like without access to clean water. My heart breaks every time I read about those who are without this privilege.
  9. For electricity. Growing up poor, there were several times I didn't have power and I am thankful that now I do.
  10. For the mud on the bottom of my husband's boots that he drags into our home. It's funny how perspectives can be changed. While I wasn't always thankful for this, I am now. I have lived five separate years apart from my precious husband while he was at war in another country. Oh how I missed his muddy boots. I longed for them. And now, I am thankful for them.
  11. For the rising and setting of the sun. This remarkable beauty has been with me from day one. What a beautiful spectacle to witness each day.
  12. For being literate. I am so thankful that others poured into me so that I could learn to read and write.
  13. For the ability to homeschool my own children. This has been such a beautiful fit for our family. It gives me great joy to be an instrumental part of our children's life in this way. I love to teach, and even more so, I love to teach my own children.
  14. For cold mornings and warm blankets. I love it when the seasons change and am so thankful that, while it may be cold outside, I am in warm blankets.
  15. For laundry piles. Yes, for laundry piles. I have learned to be thankful that I have them, as that means my family is alive and well.
  16. For the sound of my husband's breath as he sleeps. I adore him and adore hearing him breathe. I am so thankful for the precious life God has blessed me to enjoy in my husband.
  17. For lots of hugs and kisses from my babies. This just never gets old. I love getting love from my babies!
  18. For warm coffee and chats with my husband. I am so grateful for the chats I am able to have with my dear husband over a cup of coffee.
  19. For dirty little hand prints on the stairwell and light switches. I used to cringe when I would see dirty hand prints all over the house, but not anymore. I adore wiping up the evidence of my beloved children and thank God for the ability to do so.
  20. For the breath of life that God has given me up until today. I will never let a day go by without giving thanks to the ONE who has given me the ability to live.

Friends, let's not let another day go by without giving thanks to God for the things that we usually overlook or see as an inconvenience. Trust and know that God is good and there is goodness in everything we go through, even if we can't see it. When you dedicate your life to Jesus, you can always expect a good ending to the beautiful story He is writing with your life.

A Prayer For You

Heavenly Father, I come to you now in the precious name of Jesus. I ask you now, Lord, to give us the ability to see good in all the circumstances that life brings our way. Help us to see the importance of being thankful in the little things that we tend to take for granted each day. Convict our hearts to be more like yours, oh God. Help us to be a light in this dark world, giving constant thanks to you for all you have done.

In Jesus' precious name I pray, Amen.

Take Action

In order for a habit to be formed, we must first decide in our hearts that we want to change. One great way to do so is to write down the different ways that you'd like God to help you remain in a constant state of thanksgiving. While there will be some obvious things that you need to change, pray for God to show you the steps you need to take to gain more gratitude in your daily thought life. I also encourage you to stand on a scripture (or two) that will help you reach your desired goals.

You can do this, sweet sister! Let's purpose in our hearts to be even more thankful!

More Reasons to Be Thankful

Take a peek at my other post here at The Better Mom for 10 more ways to be thankful!

All My Love,

Carlie K.

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