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Dear Mom in Transition: When Balance Eludes You

Hasn't this month's series on Finding Balance as a Busy Mom been wonderful so far? I must admit, when I learned of this month's theme I was a bit disappointed. Not because I don't think it would be a wonderful series...but because my first thought was:

Good grief, I'm not sure I have anything in my life in balance right now. What in the world can I offer on this topic??

So, I offered it up to the Lord in prayer and asked Him to show me what He wanted me to share with you. Friend, He was faithful as always.

Dear Mom in Transition: When Balance Eludes YouThere are times in our lives when real balance is just nowhere to be found. And that's okay.

We just moved to a new country three months ago. To say we are "in transition" is the understatement of the century.

I have a sneaking suspicion some of you are in transition, too!

You've just moved to a new city/town/state/country/middle-of-nowhere. You've just brought home a new baby or two. You've just lost an integral member of your family. You've just started a new job. Life. Is. Crazy. No matter how hard you seek to bring balance to your heart/mind, your schedule, your spiritual practices, your marriage, your parenting, that precious commodity - balance - eludes you at every turn.

So, dear friend, in these seasons when balance just isn't possible, let's do what we can to keep things from spinning completely off course and out of orbit.

1. Let's spend time with God. You may have to grab it in two minute increments. You may have to pray on the bus on the way to work. Or during your coffee break. Or in those couple of minutes you actually get alone to go to the bathroom. So keep Scripture within reach at all times. Carry a spiral of Bible verses in your purse. Keep a Bible or devotional book in the bathroom. Make your phone lock screen and computer wallpaper graphics with Bible verses. Download the Bible onto your phone or tablet. We may not be able to spend solid blocks of time in this season in the Word, but we can still be in the Word. This is the upmost important thing. "But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well." Matthew 6:33 (NIV)

2. Let's spend time with our families. Right now, I get about an hour and a half at home before the kids go to bed. That includes making and eating dinner. Most nights at least one of the kiddos helps with dinner (even though I'd honestly rather prepare it myself so it goes faster) just so we can spend that time together. Sometimes the kids go to bed fifteen minutes later than usual because we are all piled on the couch in one big snuggle ball and we all need a little more time. Take one of your kids with you when you have to run to the store for milk or diapers or garlic. We may not be able to spend an hour with each family member every day, but we can take the moments as they come. If you need to get up earlier or stay up later than you prefer in order to see your hubby, do it. In times of heavy transition we are all exhausted and more stressed. Everything takes more energy - especially keeping family relationships healthy and in order.

3. Let's rest. It's tempting to burn the midnight oil night after night in order to get household tasks done, watch our favorite show, or just-have-a-few-minutes-of-quiet-to-myself-for-Pete's-sake. Yep. None of those things are bad or wrong in and of themselves. However, in times of transition and high stress, doing that night after night for a month or two will only serve to extend the transition process and drain our bodies, minds and spirits of the energy we need to get through this season. Make a point of getting to bed at a decent hour at least 5 nights out of the week.

4. Let's recognize when the transition is over. You could argue that we are all always in a state of transition in one form or another. True. However today we are looking mainly at seasons of major, life-changing transition. When we are under stress, our bodies produce certain hormones that help us have the energy and focus needed to survive. We can become accustomed to the adrenaline-fueled transitional lifestyle and that becomes the new normal. However, after a time the actual transition is done and we need to be moving on to a more normal routine. So let's recognize when things are beginning to settle down and allow ourselves to let go of the adrenaline and begin to restore balance to our hearts, minds, lives and families.

Are you and your family undergoing a life-changing transition right now? Sister, I am right there with you. Literally. Hold strong, hold on to the Lord and we will get through this.

Can we pray for you today? Leave a comment letting us know how. Have you made it to the other side of a major transition? What helped you along the way keep things more balanced? Share in the comments so you can help bless those of us in the trenches of transition!


Jen Deibel

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Finding Balance as a Busy Mom

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