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The Spiral {how to get quality time with God}

Last month I shared with you my favorite ways to refill my mommy tank. Item number ten on that list was time with God. If you're like me, in particular if your child(ren) are quite young, getting quality time alone with God can be incredibly difficult. And things start to fall apart the longer I go without some good, quality encounters with my Father.

So today I'd like to share with you one way that has really boosted the quality and quantity of time that I spend talking with God, reading His Word, and pondering the things He is planting deep in my heart.

I call it The Spiral.

It's a simple spiral bound book of colored note cards.

One night, in desperation for more Water to quench the Thirst of serious Spiritual Dehydration, I began furiously scribbling down Scripture verses on each of the note cards. As I would come across a verse and it resonated, or convicted, I jotted it down. Now, the book is nearly full.

I keep it next to me on the couch, take it up beside my bed at night, and have begun to carry it in my purse when I go out. Each morning, I aim to wake up before my kiddos. Often times (ahem, most) somebody wakes up earlier than they should and I have some company as I try to commune with the Almighty. Even if I don't have time for an in depth study, I can easily read through the cards, as many as I have time for. Sometimes I stop at just one and really need to mull it over and over.

I will even read them out loud with the kiddos around. Even if they are not actively listening, the Word is still finding it's way into their ears, building a foundation. I'm also having my older girls help me start memorizing some of the verses.

When I'm out and about and find myself with a spare minute or two, or I'm having a particularly difficult day, or feeling defeated, or whatever I start reading through card by card.

Last thing at night I take it up to bed with me and read through every single card. It's amazing what good it does your spirit to fall asleep bathed in the Word of God!

There have been a few "happy accident" side effects as well! What began as a desperate act to Hydrate my own soul has now turned into a family affair. I pray these verses over my husband and children. When they kids ask what it is, I get to share with them how Mommy is still growing and learning about how awesome God is, just like they are. They get to see Mom learning, which piques their interest even further!

So, if you are struggling to get the Word into your heart each day, might I suggest a little spiral of your own?

What little "tricks" do you have to keep Hydrated as a busy mom?


Jen, This Gal's Journey

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