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What My Children Taught Me in 2013

What My Children Taught Me in 2013

I didn't understand before becoming a Mom how much it would change my life.

Of course, I knew time would feel crunched, and little ones demanded attention.  I fumbled through those early days like many moms, simply trying this and that until it felt right.  At least until it didn't anymore, and the process began all over again.

As the days and years went on, I grew incredibly comfortable in my mothering.

Naturally, this isn't a bad thing - not at all.  When you finally understand a bit more of your children's quirks, personalities and just how you mother best, the feeling of gratitude cannot be denied.

But without really meaning to, with five children now on my mothering docket, I fell into a bit of a rut.

The kind where you began to think that maybe…just maybe…you have this mothering thing figured out (go ahead, you can laugh!).  I didn't think I was perfect, or that my children weren't in need of training, I was simply doing what had always worked.

But, children later in the line up showed me that while all of my ideas and methods had flowed wonderfully for other siblings, something need to be changed up for them.

In 2013, my children taught me to let go.

To release what was for what needed to be - to pray for fresh vision, new ways of doing things, another alternative.  To question just why I made certain decisions for them, and to consider new options.

To release expectations and to try an out-of-the-box solution for mothering.  To ask God for His best instead of relying on my effort.

Through several 'mommy life lessons', I grew much in 2013.  I'm still growing.

Today, I encourage you in this end-of-the-year season to consider your mothering as well, and to encourage yourself to grow alongside of your children.

God may just speak something NEW!


Daniele Evans


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