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31 Colorful Bible Verse Cards from PurseonalityChallenge {Giveaway}

Are you are looking for…

...a way to keep God’s word close at hand? ...some quick stocking stuffers?

...a tool for scripture memory?

...a special “little something” for a friend?

...meaningful gifts for women’s group members?

If so, then these 31 colorful Bible verse cards may be just the thing!

Tucked neatly in an organza draw-string jewelry pouch, they're ready to slip in a purse and stay close at hand throughout the day.

Laminated for durability, there’s no need to cry over spilled milk; it wipes right off, no problem!

More than just cute gifts, these cards are practical tools for helping replace “baditude” with God’s word and gratitude:

I received some of these cards to review and I LOVE them.  I carry them in my purse and always have words of wisdom when I'm feeling discouraged or weary.  I have been wanting to work on my scripture memory for a long time and these are really helping me!  The cards are just beautiful with picture of scenery and art and the bag helps you keep them all together.  I think they make a wonderful gift.

They would also be great to give to neighbors, people you visit in the hospital, Sunday School teachers and more!

(Can’t see video? Click here to view directly in You Tube.)

Prices include shipping, and volume discounts are available. Orders placed by December 17 will arrive in time for Christmas. Click here for full details.

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Giveaway: We have 3 pairs of Bible verse card each winner will receive “one to give and one to keep” !  These would make such a wonderful gift!    To enter join the rafflecopter below!

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