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Squeezing Out the Last Bit of Summer

Portrait of a cute little girl hiding behind sunflower Well, I saw it.

I could take it when the back-to-school supplies hit the shelves long before it was the Fourth of July. I know some kids start school in August. (Ours not until after Labor Day)  But there I was, trying to squeeze the last bit of summer out of August, minding my own business, planning a few days trips and summer treats before school starts. Then, while stopping off at a store, "it" stared me right smack-dab in the face.

Halloween candy!

P-uuuu-leeeease!!! Can we not rush from one season to the next already? I swear (not the cussin' type but the I-am-so-sure-I-am-remembering-this-correctly-type) that when I was a kid, the retailers did not push and rush the seasons and holidays so much. I wish it were still that way.

Yes ma'am, put out the Halloween candy the day after Labor Day and not one minute sooner. Easter egg dying supplies? I do not need to purchase them on January 1st, thank you very much. So, I say let them line the shelves the day after Valentines Day, okay?


I know, I know....we need to be ahead of the ballgame on Christmas. It would be a little late to just put the decorations out the day after Thanksgiving. So I'll grant ya that one. Still, please don't back that bus clear up into September. It makes my blood boil. I'm not sure if it bothers me because seeing the products of the various holidays so early on makes me feel behind when in reality I am not. Perhaps it is because I feel that our society in general is way too rushed.

We whip through the holidays with little regard for what they really mean. I say it is time to slow down and savor.

So, this week, you will not find me out stashing away mini-candy bars for the munchkins that will descend on my neighborhood in a few months. I'll buy them a week or so before the big day and then put them in my big hand-carved wooden bowl and wait for the doorbell to ring.

(Okay...truth be told, what really will happen is this: I'll buy them a week before. Then, my husband will locate the stash and pull out all the milk chocolate ones to nibble, sneak, dip in peanut butter or take in his lunch to work. The boys will smell the sweet scent of their daddy's sneaking and promptly finish all the crisp-filled ones and the "Mr. Goods" {their absolute favorite!} Finally, I'll slowly polish off most of the dark chocolate. Then? Well, I'll have to run out  on Halloween afternoon and buy more! And since the mini-bars are so expensive and we've already burned through a batch, I'll opt for the jumbo bags of hard candies at the dollar store. Sorry kids!)

Well, for now, I will determine to take one season, one holiday, one holy day or daily day, just.....






I want to squeeze the last bit out of summer. To make a fire pit with my kids and roast one more marshmallow for a s'more. To sit on my back deck watching the fireflies dance. To marvel at the creation of one more sunflower dancing in the breeze.To take a deep breath before diving into fall and the many holidays and commitments written on the yet unturned pages of my calendar.

No, you won't find me out buying Halloween candy just yet. I'll be right here on the deck sipping some ice tea hoping you are doing the same.

Notice I said "iced tea", not hot cocoa.

Let's not rush things....



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