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From Chaos to Calm: The LET. IT. GO. Christmas Challenge

From the time my college sweetheart and I got married in 1986 until the year 2006 when we had three kiddos ages 15, 11 and 8, I wrote an annual Christmas letter. I took tons of time making sure it was clever. One year, I crafted an Ehman Gazette newspaper with a sports section, a Christmas recipe and all the latest news about our clan. Other years I made a “Top Ten” list of the most important events of the year. And always it was accompanied by the annual Christmas photo. You know that photo, right? You fuss and fume at the kiddos, making them wear scratchy clothes and pose all darling so you can snap a picture sure to make everyone near and far sigh “Awww!!!”

Well, about 20 years into this, I had HAD IT! I spent long hours into the night crafting a clever letter to mail out. Then it came time for the kids to pose for the camera. (Cue the rolling eyes and the “Mom! Do we HAVE to?" protests) I posed my clan for nearly 45 minutes but still couldn’t get the perfect look down pat. Someone always had his or her eyes shut or a hair out of place.

Finally, I realized what I was doing. I was attempting to make my kids appear perfect. (Ahem! My kids are FAR FROM perfect!) So, I gave up and gave in.

I told the kids they had ten minutes to change into whatever they wanted and to grab something that reflected their personality. Then, they were to meet back on the front porch for photo shoot number two.

Here is the result:

We captured it in one take!

How about you? Do traditions cause stress around your place? And what about all those Norman Rockwell-like expectations about the holidays — the decorations, the food, the gifts, the activity — laden schedule, the family get-togethers?

There are many areas where women want to exert control ensuring the perfect yuletide season.

What if we learned instead to let go of unrealistic expectations and embrace an “out-of-control” Christmas this year: relaxing and relating in a peaceful manner while letting others offer input and ultimately allowing God to call the shots?

It is possible for this year to be a little less chaotic and a little more calm.

How? Simply sign up for my free 5-day challenge: From Chaos to Calm: The LET. IT. GO. Christmas Challenge.

You might just win a Kindle Fire for participating!

This five-day challenge will allow Christmas to be less hectic and full of unrealistic expectations this year as you learn to control what you should and trust God with what you can’t. The result? Less stressing and more blessing!

This resource will come automatically to your inbox for five days beginning the day you sign up. That way you can pick a time that works best in your schedule.

Click here to join the over 7300 women who have already signed up for less chaos and more calm!

And then? Have yourself a stress-free little Christmas everyone!!!


Karen Ehman,

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