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Barefoot is God's Whole Point of Summer
"Spencer Sanders Ehman!", I hollered. "You get in here and get yourself some shoes on, young man. You can't be out there barefoot!"

It was summery day, though a bit on the cool side, the mid-morning grass still wet from the rainfall the evening before.

My then 11-year-old son headed out as he usually did each day, to shoot baskets, hunt for frogs, and skip stones on the small pound near our back woods.  He tried to convince me that, even though these activities were on his agenda, he should be allowed to wander aimlessly for hours totally barefoot.

My momma mind thought otherwise.

As I hauled him in the house to put on tennis shoes and socks, he seemed dejected. I didn't understand why. I didn't care if he went out to play. His chores were done. His bed made and dirty dishes taken up to the sink. I just wanted to make sure his feet were properly protected from any dangers that might be lurking on our property.

He obliged and slipped on his shoes, however when he began to go back out the door, the spring was gone from his step.

"What's wrong buddy?" I inquired.

"Oh is God's whole point of summer."

My mommy mouth smiled.

Of course he and I differ on the appropriate foot apparel required for an adventurous boy on a summery day, but he was on to something. Why else would God make the lush green grass feel so cool and soft between your toes?

Sadly we only have a few more weeks of barefoot weather to go. So, these days, shoes are optional around here {or at least I compromise and let the kids don flip-flops if the terrain may hold a slight risk of danger. A great risk of danger? Combat boots for my kids!}

But for the lush green back yard lawn underneath the towering oak tree? The strip of turf next to the house, perfect for running a shoeless sprint against a sibling or friend? The patch of earth that stretches from the back door to the garden, over which the kids tromp as they haul an old metal watering can to the tomato vines they so expectantly planted?

Well......All-righty then. Barefoot it is.

In fact, I'm headed outside now to get a little paperwork done.

Sitting in a cozy chair.

Under the tree line at the back of our property.

Next to the fire pit.

Completely barefoot---the green grass reaching heavenward, tucked neatly between my manicured mama toes.

Our Creator did have a good point, ya know.

Barefoot is God's whole point of summer.

How about you and your kiddos go kick off your shoes today?

Barefoot blessings!

Karen Ehman

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