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Preparing to Homeschool High School

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I can't believe I'm here!  I'm now in the planning stages of my school year and prepping myself for the high school years.  I remember way back when my oldest started kindergarten and I was asked by so many people. "How long will you homeschool them?"  At the time, I told them we are just taking one year, and one child at a time trusting the Lord to show us and HE has.  We have never stopped.  Several years later my husband and I felt very strongly that the Lord was calling us to continue our children's education and we never again thought of other options.

My answer then became, "we plan on going all the way through."

God calls each family to make different decsions in the schooling area but I have had NO regrets in choosing to homeschool, it has been one of the greatest decsions I have ever made and by far the most fulfullng.

I know many homeschool parents wonder if they are cut out to teach high school.  They worry about the harder classes (like Algebra) and they worry they won't know how to make transcripts or keep up with the requirements.  If you are a parent that isn't sure if you can do it, I want to encourage you that you CAN!  There are so many resources to help you and so many great curriculum that have high school choices now.

I wanted to share a few resources and important points  that may help you if you are planning on homeschooling through high school or if your just curious about it!

*Find out before you start what the requirements are in your state.

*Keep very good records (it helps to even start in the middle school grades)  You might be surprised what you can get credit for.

*Find experts that might be willing to teach a class to your high schooler.  Our piano teacher is going to teach an extra music theory class and she is a toastmaster and is willing to teach him speech.  What a blessing to our family.  Do you know someone that is good in a particular subject or area of expertise?

*These are the years to encourage your child in their passions and interests.  Is this child going to go to college or trade school?  Great things to keep in mind when planning their classes.

*Lee Binz has a wonderful website called The Homeschool Scholar.  This site helps moms plan their high school years, she also has several ebooks that you can sometimes catch free for Kindle (and if not, they are very reasonable)

*Donna Young has several posts and documents for high schoolers including a homeschool high school planner.

*10 Educational Shows for Tweens and Teens on Netflix  (always check each show for your own aproval, everyone's standards are different-I thought this was a great list!

*There are several ways your child can earn credits for college, taking clep tests can help!  Here is a site with free clep prep.

*You can find several articles and tips on preparting your child for the ACT/SAT online just by doing a google search.

*There are so many high school curriculum now for homeschoolers!  We are using My Fathers World High School!

Make sure every decsion you and your husband make regarding the high school years in bathed in prayer!  Ask God to show you what curriculum you should use, ask for wisdom and courage!  Pray for your children, these are your final years with your child-Make them count and pray most of all God will use them for HIS glory!



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