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Preparing for Motherhood: Protecting Your Fertility

Protecting Your Fertility

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Infertility seems to be on the rise in our nation.  More and more we hear of couples who desperately want children but are unable to conceive.

Many times these difficulties are completely out of the control of the couple and we do not fault these sweet couples for their trial.  We grieve for these family members, friends and acquaintances.  Our hearts hurt for the pain and disappointment they are experiencing.

We realize that God is sovereign, powerful and He alone opens and closes the womb.

Though we trust in God’s ultimate sovereignty I believe it is a good thing for young women preparing for future motherhood to be wise when it comes to their fertility.

In a culture that says, “Party while you can without thought for the future”, we need to recognize that the choices we make today can effect our tomorrow.

I’ve done a little research and I would like to share with you a few ways young women can strive to protect their future fertility levels:

Save Sex For Marriage

Not only is abstaince before marriage a biblical thing it can also serve to help protect your fertility. Having unprotected sex can expose you to many diseases that can lead to infertility. Saving sex for marriage is the best protection from these types of diseases.

Say “No” to Smoking and Tobacco

Aside from the MANY other harmful side effects, smoking (or second-hand smoking) is known to make conceiving more difficult and can contribute to pregnancy problems and miscarriages.

Avoid Excessive Alcohol Use

Alcohol excessive use has been known to harm a woman’s reproductive system and some say even small amounts of alcohol can effect a woman’s menstrual cycle which could effect conception.  “How much is really good for my body?” might be a good question to ask yourself.

Maintain A Healthy Life Style

Being over weight or underweight can effect a woman’s cycle and her ability to conceive; as well as over exercising.   A woman’s diet can also make a difference.  It is important to make good choices when it come to our body, building good habits and taking care of our selves now and for the future.

Question Your Contraceptives 

Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s safe.  Before you use any form of birth control do some of your own research.  Don’t believe everything you hear. Ask:  Is this safe for me?  Is it safe for my future children?  Could it effect my ability to conceive?  Is it worth it?

Following this list will not guarantee fertility or easy pregnancy but studies show that these things can effect your body and ability to have children.

Again, God alone opens and closes the womb but it is important that we, as Christian women, are good stewards of our bodies.  As young women let us consider the future instead of just doing what feels good right now.  May we do what is in our power to be healthy and protect our fertility so, if the Lord leads, we can bare beautiful offspring with the prayer that they will impact this dark world with the light of Christ.


*A note to the couple with empty arms and sad hearts:

Dear Hurting One, If you are struggling with being unable to bare children this post is not for you.  There are many reasons for infertility and wether you followed this list or not you still may have struggles.  Please know our powerful God is fully able to provide children for you and He always has your good in mind.

Ashley Schnarr

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