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Preparing for Motherhood Gracefully

preparing for motherhood gracefullyI have some very specific goals and convictions about raising children.  As I have expressed before that I’m a big promoter of defying the culture and preparing now for children.  While I do not want to back down on that stance at all I find that I need to beware that my heart does not have a shortage of grace for others and myself in my opinions and preparation. I have a lot of ideals that I really want and strive to prepare for such as wanting a large family or planning to homeschool my future children.

These are good goals but sometimes I want them so much that I forget WHY I should want them.  My motivation for these things should be a deep desire to serve and glorify the Lord and raise my future children to serve and glorify the Lord.  My motivation should not be a me-centered attitude that wants my circle of friends to pat me on the back so I can feel good about myself.  Nor should I lift up a method of glorifying Christ above my desire to glorify Him.

I’m finding that I need to guard myself from turing good things into idols of self gratification.

I’m also learning that if my heart’s desire is truly to serve and glorify the Lord in my planning and preparing then I will have a more grace filled perspective.  When my motivation is right I will naturally be more graceful towards those who do things a bit differently.

“Who are you to judge the servant of another? To his own master he stands or falls; and he will stand, for the Lord is able to make him stand.”  -Romans 14:4 {NASB}

If God calls others to serve and glorify Him by doing things a little differently than I prefer, what right have I to be judgmental?

If my methods are my idols I will tend to be critical towards others who do not share my same methods but if my motivation is loving Christ then I will be more grace filled when I see others serving Him in different capacities.

Having this type I graceful attitude is beneficial for myself as well.  If my preferred methods are idols to me it will be more painful down the road if the Lord does not choose to have me serve Him in the way I have planned to serve Him.

If I make an idol of something like having a big family but the Lord only allows me to have one or two children I will most likely feel like a failure and will be critical and judgmental towards myself.  However, if I keep glorifying and serving Christ as my focus I will have a more graceful view of my circumstances, understanding that my calling is not lesser, just a different type of opportunity.

Today I encourage you to prepare well but do not allow your beloved methods and ideals become idols.  Our God is a creative God who loves diversity.  Rest in the grace of His creative plan for you and for others.

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