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Decorating Your Child's Room {Part Two}

As I said in Decorating Your Child's Room {Part One}, my daughter Bella is super excited to FINALLY have her room painted. What I didn't mention is that we are moving in about 6 weeks! What?!?! Well...we needed to paint her current room before we moved anyways so this seemed like a great time to do a trial run. It looks like we will be duplicating everything we have done because I absolutely LOVE these new paints and specialty finishes from Disney Paints! For Bella's room we have chosen the theme of Disney Princesses. We are using the color Mike's Mayhem in the Ultra Durable Paint with the All That Glitters Specialty Finish.

Decorating Your Child's Room {Part Two}

(Yes I know it is bright...Bella wanted the brightest green she could find :))

Just to keep it real, this is what happens when I am busy painting and my 4 year old, Sophia is sitting in the room with me taking self-portraits on my phone. Ha!

Painting Your Child's Room

The painting process was actually quick and easy (especially when my husband offered to paint a coat :)). After applying three coats of the Ultra Durable Paint, we added one coat of the All That Glitters Specialty Finish to one of the walls. The All That Glitters Specialty Finish is so easy to apply and adds so much fun and sparkle to the room!

Disney's All That Glitters Specialty Paint Finish

Here is a little info on the All That Glitters Specialty Finish:

What would a princess's world be without a little sparkle? This clear topcoat actually contains glitter that, when daylight or room lighting shines on it, gives paint an absolutely amazing effect! The All That Glitters finish can be applied over any paint in any color or sheen to make an entire wall shimmer or just light up a magical accent area. With the All That Glitters finish, you can realize fairytale-worthy bedroom wall ideas in a twinkle!

Painting Your Child's Room with Disney Paints

For every specialty finish that Disney Paints offers, they have fantastic "how-to" videos that are short and simple to follow. I just took a few minutes to watch this video and followed her directions. It was a cinch!

Now that we have spent the time prepping and painting the room, Bella is super excited to reveal her room to her friends. We are planning a fun "Princess Party" for her and her friends and the final reveal.... Join us for the final post, {Part Three} soon!



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