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When God Takes You Where You Never Intended To Go In Motherhood

When God Takes You Where You Didn't Intend To Go In Motherhood As our family anticipates the arrival of baby boy #6, due in just a few short weeks, my mind often wanders to what this little addition will be like? Who IS HE? What will his personality be?

He may have similar traits as one of his brothers. He may have similar features of another. He may struggle with math like one of them, and be a super great sleeper like yet another.

Or he could be nothing like any of them.

And I find myself wondering if I'll be fit for the job.

Have you felt that way when you find that God's seen fit to give you a child that you don't quite relate to or understand? Do you question your ability as a mother...

...When your child is struggles developmentally?

...When your child defies correction and discipline?

...When your child shows little interest in your interests?

...When your child is introverted and you are extroverted?

...When your child struggles to try anything new?

...When your child doesn't learn the way you do?

It's so easy to respond with fear and inadequacy, rather than trust and anticipation of God's faithfulness. We so often doubt and ask, "Why me?" instead of belief in his sovereignty: "You know best, Lord."

The Lord has made us perfectly suited to be the moms our kids need. They were chosen to be our children! Our God is aware of your personal strengths, and even your weaknesses. He knows what it is that he seeks to accomplish in and through your abilities and inabilities as a mom.

There are no surprises when it come to Jesus.

So, whether you are anticipating the unknown (like I am), or are currently in the midst of living out the story of faith the Lord's written in your life in ways you never anticipated, trust God to be more than you expect, faithful as he's promised to be.

“God will take you where you never intended to go in order to produce in you what you couldn’t achieve on your own.”

-Paul David Tripp

Grace and peace,



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