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Loving Your Children..... Before You Have Them

Love is a choice not a feeling.  


Love is also an action word.


On my blog Stay-At-Home Daughter I am a huge advocate for loving your husband even before you’ve met him by preparing yourself, making wise life decisions and keeping yourself pure.  Loving Mr. Right shouldn’t start the day you meet him rather your love for him should be a choice that you put into action long before you know he’s “The One”.


I look at loving your future children in the same way.


Part of loving someone means that you make choices now that are good for them, not just choices that feel good to you in the moment.  


The stretch of a parent’s influence encompasses much more than just the decisions you make during your child’s life.  It starts much before that.  It starts with the choices you make today.


Are you loving your children today?

  • Are you making wise decisions with your money?  This could very well impact the quality of life your children have as well as the way you are able to provide and care for them.
  • What about sex?  Are you guarding your purity or are you making it-feels-good-now decisions?  The way you treat sex now will impact your children either positively or negatively and there is a potential that negative repercussions could be very great.
  • How is your health?  Are you taking care of your body now so you will be healthy and able to care for your children to the best of your ability?
  • What are you doing with your time?  Having fun and enjoying life is not wrong but is all of your time going to meaningless recreation or are you taking time to practically prepare for the future?
  • What about spiritual growth?  You might think that your spiritual growth (or lack there of) only effects you but what you are learning now will greatly effect your future parenting as well as your children.

Are you loving your children today by making choices that are good for them or are you loving self and making unwise choices that temporarily make YOU feel good?

Love is more than a warm feeling.  Love is a choice and an action.  It’s being aware, thinking ahead, and making biblical decisions that are good for others.... not just our own temporal pleasure.



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