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Christ's Real Christmas Story

Every Christmas my husband and I carry on a tradition that started long ago: we tell the story of the first Christmas and all of those thereafter. We celebrate Christmas because it is the day that symbolizes Christ's birth. It isn't about decorations, food, presents, or great deals on stuff we've wanted all year long. While those things aren't necessarily bad they can cause us to take our eyes off of Him. That is why everything we do to celebrate this holiday and others is done through the filter of the Holy Spirit so that we can glorify Jesus.

What that looks like for Christmas is rather than focusing on just the birth of Jesus we share His testimony. We talk about His parents, His childhood, His ministry, His friends, and His sacrifice. We follow that with testimonies of what He has done in our lives. After all, we are born again and He lives in us.

Because we celebrate this way every year is different because we are changing as we conform to His Word and become more aware of His presence.

Each year we place an ornament on our tree that represents our journey with Christ that year. Sometimes they are handmade. Sometimes they are purchased or contain photos. Just as Christmas is a symbol of Christ's testimony these ornaments are a symbol of our testimony. Sharing them with each other and giving the glory to God is something we look forward to each year. Like the three wise men, our testimonies become an offering as we gaze upon Him with praise and awe.

What does your family do to focus the holiday on Jesus?

Blessings, Amy

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