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Lessons We Learn from Children: and a Little Child Shall Lead Them

"One reason we are so harried and hurried is that we make yesterday and tomorrow our business, when all that legitimately concerns us is today. If we really have too much to do, there are some items on the agenda which God did not put there. Let us submit the list to Him and ask Him to indicate which items we must delete. There is always time to do the will of God. If we are too busy to do that, we are too busy."~ Elisabeth Elliott ~

God said to me, "Your son needs you, Amy." I heard it just as clearly as if He'd said it with an audible voice.

(thinks to self) "I am. I am. I just need to finish this."

So, off I go to take dinner out of the freezer. On the way to the freezer I notice a spot on the floor and decide to clean it up. I rush over to the sink full of dishes to wet the rag to clean the spot on the floor. It is then that I remember that the clothes I put in the washer earlier must be done and I need to do a load of towels. I wipe up the spot and head to the laundry room. I pass my son along the way. He is supposed to be doing his project for school. The directions are self explanatory. He must color code countries on the map. What does he need me for right now?

"I'll be there in a minute, Car", I say as I toss the clothes from one machine to another. Then on the floor I spotted something I'd been looking for. "Hey! There is my other shoe!" I run to my closet to put the shoe away with it's counterpart and I notice my bed that is still unmade. Of course, you know what I do next, I make the bed!

This same scenario played out for at least another hour. It was Saturday morning after all and it is when I do my heavy cleaning. All the while my little one was sitting at a table, face drooping, watching my every move and waiting. He was waiting for me to come and see what he needed.

"Your son needs you, Amy" He said to me again.

I put down the vacuum cleaner and fought off the desire to go and get the dinner that I had yet to take out of the freezer. I sat down beside my son and with a sigh asked, "What do you need?"

He sensed my increasing irritability and with tears swelling up he said, "Nothing mama, we forgot to pray before I did my work. I didn't want to start yet because I get all messed up when we don't pray. I'm sorry. I knew you were busy so I just waited."

Now, there I was with tears swelling up and feeling God grip my heart. I took a hold of and held the hand of my child so tightly and prayed like we were sitting at the very feet of Jesus. I felt so convicted and I knew that I had just learned an eternal lesson from my sweet and precious boy.

"I didn't want to start yet because I get all messed up when we don't pray."

Those are words to live by. Thank you, Carsten. Thank you, Jesus!

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