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The 411 on Avoiding the Motherhood Burnout

We are happy to have Heather Riggleman as our guest today.  Here is a little about Heather:  

Heather Riggleman is a recovering mom to three very active children. She is also a Nebraska favorite speaker and is currently blazing a new trail for moms in the midst of motherhood. Her goal is to show how real and tangible God is in our every day lives.

In fact, you can read all about it in her new book, Mama Needs A Time Out. You can connect with her on her author site at




Heather writes:

After a particularly stressful day, I laid my kids down for a nap. Not that they needed to rest, but I needed a reprieve, a chance to regain my sanity. As I sat there relishing the quiet, the smell of bubblegum caught my attention and pricked my senses. As I followed the scent, it led me to my daughter’s room. There I discovered two things:

1. My daughter has a very creative side.

2. Blue sparkle toothpaste had been used as a decoration technique on everything. The carpet, her toys, and mainly, her favorite castle.

On days like today, I find myself on the verge of a Mommy Burn Out and the idea of being in an office is more enticing than being at home.

Do you feel this way? Don’t give up, here’s the 411 on avoiding burn out in motherhood. First and foremost, remember why you choose to be home with your kids.

Regain Your Perspective

1. I wanted to be there for my kids, to create childhood memories they will one day be fond of. No one else can do that like I can. 2. I want to be there every step of the way to instill my family values, morals, and ensure their hearts learn to love Jesus. Only I can do this. 3. I want to be there for the tough decisions they have to make, to pick them up when they stumble, and to cheer them on when they succeed. No one else can value my children the way I do. No one else can empower them the way I do. 4. No one else values their hearts like I do. It takes prodding, molding, and shaping of the everyday life to shape their hearts to be ready for God to impress his love onto theirs.

Remember Mary—Not Martha

If clean floors and unstained carpets are your priority, I suggest you have a chat with Mary, the sister of Martha. She knew the value of enjoying the moment by living in the moment and of course, sitting at her Master’s feet. On days like today, I do the same. I go and sit at Jesus’ feet, thanking him for the children he’s given me, besides asking him to tone down his sense of humor because I totally don’t find sparkle toothpaste art as funny.

Avoiding the motherhood burn out is something that takes balance and a moment to step away from the mess and ask God for his perspective on mothering. If needed, I suggest you do what I do. Take a bath or go for a run and talk with Jesus. Chances are you aren’t like me, but I do suggest you consider your likes and dislikes. Then carve out some time to spend alone and just breathe! And ask your dear husband to bring home bags and bags of chocolate.



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