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Made in His Image

My husband and I were outside with our 19 month old son one evening at that unique time where the sun is still up but you can see the moon in the sky. The moon was nearly full, and as my son spotted it, he started shouting "ball!" excitedly and pointing towards the moon. My husband laughed and said, "Yeah, that looks like a ball, but it's actually the moon." Thomas began repeating, "moon!".

I chimed in saying, "Yes that's the moon. Do you know who made the moon? God made the moon, Thomas!"

Then I told him, "You know what else? God made you, too! How cool is that?" We continued to look at the moon and talk about how God made the moon and Thomas.

Finally, I asked Thomas, "Who made you?" He quickly responded, "Moon!"

Yeah, no outstanding parent of the year award here! We've been working on it for weeks since this initial conversation, and Thomas still proudly declares that the moon made him.

I wonder if you are like me and hope to fill your children up with the Truth of the Gospel from a very young age. I also wonder if--like me--you sometimes get so busy pouring Truth into your children, that you forget these same Truths apply to you as well.

God made you, too.

Not only did God make you, but He created you in His image--in His likeness.

Genesis 1:26 reads, "Then God said, "Let us make man in our image--after our likeness.."

We are unique from all other creation in that we are created after God's image. Scholars discuss how this manifests itself in humanity in many different ways but one is through our personalities which include our abilities to reason, our emotions, and our will.

While God is all-intelligent and reasons perfectly, we are also able to think and draw conclusions, study, and learn. Do you enjoy gardening? Are you an organizer? Maybe your are a problem-solver or a writer. All these activities reflect God's intelligence.

While God experiences emotions in a more pure state than us, we are also able to experience a range of emotions from love and joy to despair and sadness. Do you experience loving protection over your children? Jesus says in Matthew 23:37 that his desire was to gather his children like a mother hen. What about joy when your child accomplishes a goal or displays excellent character? Zephaniah 3:17 says that God rejoices and exults over His children. Our full range of emotions reflect God's emotions.

While God's will is perfect and He is sovereign over everything, we are able to make choices in our lives. We make a multitude of choices each day from what we will eat and wear to our words to our choice of reading or television entertainment--all the way to what influences our choices. God also has the ability to choose--rejoice in His choice to provide salvation for us!

What was God's purpose in making you in His image--He wants you to respond to Him in relationship. Even though sin has marred our reflection of God, He still desires us. He gave you intelligence and emotions and choice so that you could choose Him and then relate to Him in a meaningful way (Jer. 24:7).

Let this sink in today--you are created in the image of the Almighty God. Ponder the ways He has uniquely designed you to reflect certain attributes of Himself and then respond to Him in praise, thanksgiving, awe, and wonder. I'd love to hear what He reveals to you in the comments.

Mary Beth's love is Jesus Christ followed quickly by her husband and her son. She is now a stay at home mom, writer, and blogger. Her career was first in teaching and then in Marriage and Family Counseling. Living in a small, Southern town in Mississippi, they enjoy SEC football, walking around barefoot, and playing outside. A day to herself would be spent napping, blogging, and reading with a bit of reality TV mixed in! You can find her blogging at New Life Steward, Facebook and Twitter!

Photo Credit: Jessica Merz

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