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The PURSE-onality Challenge {Giveaway}

I received the PURSE-onality Challenge book along with the bracelet and  laminated PURSE-onality "gift cards"  which feature a short list of each PURSE-onality's strengths to help you remember the gifts that each PURSE-on brings to your life.   This is a system with 31 days of replacing "baditude" with God's word and gratitude.

It is so much easier to complain than to be grateful, isn't it?

This challenge helps you to change your negative thoughts by taking some purposeful steps in helping you to change your attitude.  You wear a bracelet on your left wrist that says  A complaint free world.  Every time you complain,criticize, or gossip switch your bracelet to the other wrist.

The definition the book gives on the differences of complaining and problem solving are:

Complaining is making energetic statements focused on the problem at hand rather then the resolution sought, often at an inappropriate time and place, and/or in an inappropriate manner.

Problem-Solving is speaking directly and only to the person who can resolve the issue, at an appropriate time and place, and in an appropriate manner.

I also received a beautiful set of  scripture cards to help encourage me throughout the challenge.  They have beautiful scenes and are laminated for durability.  They come in a beautiful drawstring pouch and are great to throw in a purse or bag to take with you.  

I love to work on memorizing scripture and these cards are perfect for that because I can take them with me anywhere I go and work on them.

The book is full of ideas and inspiration to help you during the challenge including a journal for your 31 days to show what you are praying for, watching for, and appreciating.  They also have a scripture verse at the end of each day to encourage you along the way.  There are also ideas that help you stay committed such as giving yourself a consequence every time you mess up, such as giving 1.00 away with each mistake.

Their warm-up week started April 22 and the Challenge runs May 1-31. The Pre-Challenge checklist is available this week at PURSE-onality Challenge blog.   It is not too late to join, since it just started –  it's a wonderful way help you develop a more content heart.   This would make a GREAT family project.  I am having my kids join along, what a great lesson on gratitude.

Take The PURSE-onality Challenge if… feel convicted to change your thoughts and words.’re at your wit’s end with a particular relationship. desire more hope, joy, and peace in your life.


Cheri Gregory, author of The PURSE-onality Challenge is going to give one of our readers  The PURSE-onality Challenge journal and a set of 31 laminated Bible verse cards

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