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Teaching Children to Listen to God's Call

Ladies, when you pray the prayer, "Lord, break my heart for what breaks Yours", it's dangerous.  Because He will. Over the past several months we've cried and struggled and gone back and forth with where God is calling us.  We work very closely with an NGO in a small town in northern Uganda.  Plane tickets were booked and we were ready to spend two months in sub-Saharan Africa among the people and beside some of our best friends.  We were collecting school supplies, clothing, and working towards raising money for shoes, Malaria nets, the whole thing.  Then, we started hearing the whispers of 'wait'.  We started having an unrest in our hearts.  We are discouraged, confused.  We had long talks at midnight and prayed for clarity.

Our Pastor breathes deep and encourages us with this:

"There's nothing more important than teaching children to listen and respond to God's call on their life.  It's the most important thing." 

I've said it before, our children's souls are what I'm most concerned with.  Not their freedom, not the amount of friends they have, not their academic excellence.  No.  Their souls.  Then everything else.  I am their Mama and I'm called to nurture their souls.  Teach them to listen to His whispers and obey His words.  To marvel at His glory.  To realize, He is REAL.

So, what is God's ultimate call on all our lives?  To love God, and love others.  This can be done in our little home town or it can be done in Uganda and it can also be done somewhere right in the middle.  Whether we go or stay, we explain to the children, we strive to follow God's call.  We are listening to His whispers.  This looks so different for every family but the call is the same.  We are called to live full-out for Christ if we call Him Lord.  Lead by example, showing our children what obedience and willingness to serve God looks like.  Even if it's completely imperfect, full of unknowns, and totally undeserved.  What more important 'lesson' can they learn but to obey God's calling?

Because in His divine will and plan there is freedom, peace, eternal security. Even if His call is scary.  Even if His call seems crazy.

We obey.  And our children watch.  They walk the path.  They encounter the one true God.  They realize nothing is more exhilarating, nothing is more important than knowing God and walking with Jesus.

What more could we want for our children?


Cassandra, unpluggedfamily


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