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Giving Books Gives Life & Better Mom Mondays Link-up!

As one in a family of nine children, my Mama often said that there were so many children in the world who did not have what we have.   As I grew up, my parents gave us the opportunity to see that was true through the ministries in which they were involved.  When I left home to attend college in the greater Chicagoland area, ministry led me into poverty-stricken areas of project-living and my eyes were further opened to just how many basic daily needs go unfulfilled here in the states.

But I've never witnessed what my husband experienced last February when he travelled far across the sea to the #9 poorest country of the world- Malawi, Africa.

Can you wrap your mind around the label of being the "poorest country in the world?"  

On top of the severe poverty, the HIV/ AIDS pandemic is seemingly impossible to comprehend.  Of approx. 15 million people living in Malawi, 1 million of those people are HIV infected.  70% of hospital deaths in 2002 were AIDS related.

While all the numbers are devastating, the vulnerability of the children and communities of Malawi is even more devastating.

Enter The Passion Center for Children.

As a light in the middle of piercing darkness, The Passion Center ministers to the orphans, widows and village communities.  With a four point mission, this incredible ministry seeks to:

  • Labor to rescue those who are orphaned, widowed and at risk.
  • Strive to provide residency for those living in harmful situations.
  • Work to become a comprehensive resource center in the community.
  • Desire to see God redeem all who call on the name of Jesus.

The driving theme of this vibrant organization is caring for the whole child in the whole community for their whole life.  One of the vital avenues that The Passion Center uses to empower the children in their care is education.  The scarcity of books and libraries presents a challenge for children to learn.  Most of the time one copy of a book is owned by the school or headmaster and the children must gather around and listen.  The opportunity to read a book on your own is rare.  Can you imagine the difficulty of education when there are few books to be read?

The Passion Center staff is seeing incredible results of using education to begin seeing hope and grace take root in hearts that have been crushed, abused or abandoned.

Today I'd like to invite The Better Mom community to join in a simple way to participate in the giving season without breaking the bank.    By making a small donation, you can provide books for orphans learning to read.   The Passion Center is accepting donations for books through their website. To read more about the role of education at The Passion Center, click here.

Special thanks to you from The Better Mom team and may your giving season be filled with blessings!

Blessings, Rachel, 


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