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They shall rise and call you blessed...

I've studied the scriptures of Proverbs 31 for years. This woman has both intimidated and inspired me. While I haven't always understood the purpose of these passages I have always prayed for my children and my husband to fulfill Proverbs 31:28.

Her children rise up and bless her; her husband also.      Proverbs 31:28

I'll admit that most of my prayers were selfish in nature. I wanted to know that I'd done the right thing and hear accolades from the people who mean the most to me in this world. I didn't always get what I asked for. There were times when my children made bad decisions. Then I would be left to take the blame, remedy the situation, teach them more diligently, and be humbled.

Funny thing is that each and every time my children disappointed me God used it as a lesson for both of us. These obstacles became opportunities.

It was a chance for me to see where my child's heart really was so I could focus my teachable moments with him. It was an opportunity for me to realize that my children's well being and Christ-like behavior was about their relationship with God and not about me receiving praise for my efforts to teach them. I needed to get over myself to elevate my children spiritually.

Once that happened God did a beautiful thing. He caused my children to rise and bless me.

No, they didn't run into the kitchen one morning saying mom you are a blessed woman or call me the best of anything. In fact, they never uttered a word. It was in their "rising" that I received my blessing:

  • Seeing my teenagers with arms stretched out in worship and a heartfelt praise coming forth from their very core...I am blessed.
  • Lying in bed with fever and having my teenager lay hands on me in prayer and feeling the power of the Holy Spirit....I am blessed.
  • Digging in their mobile phone to check text messages and seeing that my child has declined to go to a close friends house because no parents would be there and he didn't even ask us first...I am blessed.
  • Having my child be completely honest and come clean the first time when asked about an incident that he was involved in then giving us the opportunity to minister to him in a biblical way...I am blessed.
  • My child turning down an opportunity to appear on a popular TV show because "it isn't the kind of life he wants to live"...I am blessed.

These blessings are so much greater than passing accolades or praises sung to appease a mama's heart. These blessings have eternal value. What about you? What has your child(ren) rose up and done in the past that blessed you?



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