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The Best Educator for Your Kids

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the daunting task of deciding where your child will go to school?  Making educational decisions for our children can be a weighty subject and end up being controversial among our peers, family and society. We can get confused, and feel torn between what we feel is right for our kids and the well-meaning advice of others.

What is the right choice when it comes to school for our kids?

Only you can know exactly what is right for your family and the individual needs of your kids, and how that lines up with your values and beliefs. As parents, we have the awesome privilege of knowing God, and being able to lean on him for making decisions that are best for our children.

For my family, we have created a mission statement for raising our kids.  This provides a filter for all decisions we make about our kids; from friendships, to activities, and outside influence--including their education. As a natural planner, I used to try to decide on one thing for my kids and then think that is what we would always do.  Sometimes that works out well, but years ago that idealistic thinking had to go out the door when I had to make schooling decisions not based on what I had planned, but on family needs, learning difficulties, and circumstances beyond my control.  In the midst of those transitional times, I was able to rely on God for peace, and to our family mission statement to make the right decision.

Plan and then plan for change

Now I always tell myself at the beginning of each school year to make a plan and then plan for change.  Keeping an open heart and mind to know what God wants for our children is a great compass to keep us on the right path.

You are the best educator your kids will ever need

As the mothers of our children, only we can give our kids the best education they will ever receive anywhere. We have been gifted with a unique perspective, and put on this earth to be the only mother and best mother that our children need.  And whether we send our kids to school or home educate doesn’t matter as much as what we instill in them.

  • We are the planter of truth for our kid’s hearts.
  • We can be confident that we know what is best for our children and their educational needs.
  • We have a unique perspective, and the inside track to all of your children’s deepest needs, fears and dreams.
  • We are the biggest cheerleader, mender of hurts and the best boo-boo kisser they will ever need.
  • No one can fill that special place in the hearts of our children.
  • We can provide stability and security that will help our child succeed and feel confident in school.
  • We have been equipped to breathe life into our children’s hearts and minds for eternity.

There is nothing that can compare to the character training of our children’s hearts.  If we had to decide between our children getting a good test score, or them following Christ in their life, I believe hands down we would all make the same decision.

I pray that as you send your kids off to school or homeschool them this year, that you will feel equipped that you have made the best school choice for your family.  Most of all that you feel equipped in your mission as a mother, may you know how special you are as the primary educator of your children.


Denise from Denise In Bloom


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