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"S" Isn't for SuperMom

He looked right at me with clear green eyes, thumb in his mouth.  The cutest little boy I've seen since my own boys were about his age.   Ok, I'm a little biased. That's allowed, right?  Enhancing his adorable looks was a blankie upon which he held a vise grip.  His eyes were tired and though the evening heat dominated the baseball diamond, that blankie appeared to hold the secret to blissful sleep.  I couldn't help but chuckle to myself as he sat on the ground a few feet away.

My attention turned to the batter's box since my first grader, soon to be second, was up to bat.  But after he nailed the ball and safely landed at first, I peered back at the blankie boy.  Still sitting comfortably, thumb in mouth, I caught a better view of his blankie.  A simple royal blue on one side, the other side gleamed shiny satin and then I caught the significant red letter with its yellow background right in the center. "S" was apparently for Super Baby!  The irony of the little blanket pressed against the baby boy's shoulder was just Too. Stinkin. Charming.

Then the little boy started crying.

And didn't stop.

For two innings.

Through the end of the game.

And… I think that kid's screams may have permanently damaged my eardrums.

But on the drive home, God nudged my heart.

"You there, yes, the one playing Super Mom? You can be just like that blankie boy and suck your thumb in the heat.   I created you with needs; it's ok to have desires.    You can sit all by yourself and keep your eyes open by sheer human willpower, but I'd really like it if you'd take a rest when you need it.  In fact, schedule it.   After all, I scheduled mine. If you would do that, then you wouldn't be so much like that delightful baby boy who most likely 'cried all the way home.'"

As a mother with many hats and 7 kiddos, including a special needs child, my heart desperately needs the Holy Spirit to prick my conscience and simply say "Rest."   So I'm sharing my simple resting techniques with you. Here we go:

1. Sit still and do nothing.

2. Close your eyes and pray.

3. Meditate on Scripture.

Almost seems too easy, right?  I mean, none of my other to-do lists look this visually simple.

Psalm 46:10 is a wonderful verse that I put on repeat in my mind.

"Be still and know that I am God."

I find it interesting that in the verses preceding this verse, God gives us a list of all HIS great and mighty works.  Remember that the work that we do for our families each day is HIS work.  Only when I recognize that it is HIM working through me do I find true fulfillment.

And for this mama, the reminder of that fulfillment often comes when I follow His Word to:

Be still and know that He is God.

That red letter "S" on your Super Mom cape?

It doesn't represent "Super."

"S" stands for Still.




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