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For When They See You Struggle {the others}

There are some women that were just “made to be pregnant”. The moment they find out they are expecting they have an extra skip in their step, they wear all of the perfect clothes, eat just the right amount of fruits and vegetables and jog throughout their whole pregnancy.  Unfortunately this is not me.  I was pregnant 9 times and 9 times I endured terrible sickness.  I was sick from about week 7 to week 35.  It didn’t leave me much room to enjoy it. To top it all off, 5 of those times I endured that sickness for up to 20 weeks and then lost my babies, which then required surgery and recovery physically and emotionally.  In the midst of all of this sickness and the 5 losses I was also growing a family.  I had children to take care of, but I have to admit it became very difficult. I wondered how good of a mom I could be when I was sick on the couch.  I wondered how good of a mom I could be when I would have to ask my oldest to help me with this and help me with that.  I wondered how I could possibly be intentional in raising my children when I could barely take care of myself.

Click here to read how I learned to be intentional even in the midst of struggle at Mom Heart, where I am writing today......

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