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What I Would Say to Me!

P1020677 If I could go back in time and warn that young girl (aka, me) what would I tell her?

I have thought about this list many times.   Not because it could change things for me but they are things I want to tell my daughter.  Oh, I know she will make her own mistakes and even though I want to, I can't protect her from all of them. However, if she can gain any wisdom from her mom and save herself from a few it would be worth it!

Don’t get wrapped up in boys, you have plenty of time; use your teen years to fall in love with Jesus.  Save your heart for your husband.  You will not regret it!

Don’t rush your time away.  Savor every minute!

Make healthy choices

Respect your mother even at 13, you really don’t know everything!

Practice your music more!

Protect your eyes at all costs.  Just because something is before us, it does not mean we should look.

Spend time in the Word and in prayer!  It is never too late to grow in your relationship with Christ!

Walk the high road even if you do it alone!

Read, read, and read some more!

Keep your temper in control; you don’t want to become a mom/wife with a temper.  Have a mild and meek spirit.

Court the man th

at wins your heart, pray for him every single day well after you have been married.

Listen to the advice of your elders when your grown but more importantly listen to God, if HIS voice is different ALWAYS listen to HIS!

Pick your friends wisely.

Forgive often and always!

Be thankful for every stage you are in!  Count your blessings.

Enjoy your wedding day, don’t stress through it!  Enjoy the honeymoon even more!

Savor every minute with that baby of yours, truly in a blink of an eye he won’t be a baby or even a boy!  He will be taller then you!

You are loved even when you don’t feel it!

If this stage is stressful, don’t worry it will pass.  If this stage is beautiful savor it because it too will pass.

Cherish the time you have with your parents/inlaws.  They will not always be here.  

Serve and love your family!  They need you to be a strong woman of God!  However you are human. It is okay to make mistakes, okay to feel weak and unable because you serve a God who is ABLE!  He will make up for all the weakness!  Hold on to that always!

God’s grace will cover all mistakes.  HE will redeem you and make you whole again no matter what! Take that promise and move forward.

That would be my list to me if I would have known, then what I know now!

What are some things you would say to you if you could go back?


Angela R.


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