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Some Days I'd Rather Throw a Tizzy, Then I Remember...

God likes to use the everyday things to speak His words of wisdom to my heart. He has been doing a lot of that lately. One day not long ago, while I was cooking my favorite soup, He gave me a wonderful illustration to ponder. You see, my family has been through quite a bit of illnesses lately: stomach virus, allergies, colds, flu, broken fingers, you name it we probably had it. When mama has a house full of sick kiddos that is more than enough reason to cook a big pot of life giving chicken soup.

Chicken soup is so full of lots of flavorful components but only if it is the real thing. It needs to be made from chicken bones and other parts. You don't want that canned stuff. If you don't make it the right way then you miss the most nutritious parts. However, when you have strep throat it is hard to eat anything. Sipping smooth, warm soup broth is nourishing but please, no chicken and veggies because they will irritate an already sore throat. Yes, the delicious broth must be strained.

I had just done this weeks ago when we all shared our strep throat so the memory was vivid in my mind. As I poured the soup through the strainer all of the veggies and chunky pieces of chicken that seemed so appealing were held back. Only the shimmery liquid passed through. With it went all of the vitamins, minerals, and probiotics – the healing components.

Sometimes life is like that. Not everything is going to go our way. Kids will get sick and plans will be delayed. Obstacles will come and we must choose how we will react. We can either chew on those seemingly appealing bits of chicken and carrots (emotions, flesh, peer pressure, and judgment) or sip on what brings life.

I won't lie and say there weren't times over the last five weeks when I didn't want to throw a complete tizzy, but after hearing what God whispered to me I decided to just rest in His peace. I had every reason to exhaust myself with negative emotions but I just wasn’t going to give the devil that foothold.

What God whispered to my spirit while straining that soup is this: Every decision we make goes through a filter. We call that filter the Holy Spirit.

That is some words of wisdom y’all.

I admit that I have made some pretty rotten decisions even after hearing the Holy Spirit instructing me to do otherwise. Emotions, flesh, peer pressure, and judgment were all allowed to sway me. But, sometimes I listen.

Jesus says,

“But the water I give them takes away thirst altogether. It becomes a perpetual spring within them, giving them eternal life.” John 4:14

“If you believe in me, come and drink! For the Scriptures declare that rivers of living water will flow out from within.” John 7:38

When you use the Holy Spirit as a filter for all of your decisions, you receive life. Just like a mama makes life giving soup for her sweet babes, our Father in heaven offers us life giving water. We only get that if we use the filter of the Holy Spirit. What has He been whispering to you?

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