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The Confident Mom Household Planner and Better Mom Mondays Link-up!!

I had the chance to check out a GREAT planner for moms!  One of my very favorite things about this planner is that it has Bible Study time built in to it!!  It also is set up in a check list format, which I love just because I like putting a check mark or a big X next to what I have done.  Ahhhhh X it is accomplished! :) I am pleased to have the creator, Susan Heid as a guest today to share all about her 2012 Confident Mom Planner! Susan writes:

One of the biggest frustrations that moms have when it comes to managing their home is finding a routine or system they can easily put into action.  If it has to be created, rarely do we spend the time to do it, why?  Because we are busy!

If you are still looking for a way to get your home running smoother, I have the answer for you.  The 2012 Confident Mom Weekly Household Planner will make completing your daily and weekly household tasks a breeze.  You will stay on task and productive because I have broken larger tasks into smaller manageable “bite-size” pieces.  You will be able to utilize those ‘in between’ moments and accomplish more.  When you break down larger tasks into smaller ones, it will keep things from becoming too large and completely overwhelming!  Your daily life will be more organized, more productive, less stressful and overall – more pleasant!

Most tasks can be done in 3 – 30 minutes, and you can select appropriate tasks to delegate to other family members – no one said YOU had to do it all!  And if you are at all like me, nothing gives more satisfaction than being able to check off items that get DONE!

Here’s a sample of the types of tasks you will find in the planner that you will joyfully love to check off as DONE!

Plan weekly menu/shopping list Sort mail Make beds Vitamins/Medication Clean our expired food in the pantry Water indoor plants Clip children’s nails Pamper yourself Plan cards/gifts for March birthdays/occasions Quiet Time (Gen 4-6)  A version w/out a bible reading plan is also available

You can also personalize the planner by adding other daily and weekly tasks unique to your home and lifestyle.  I’ve also added a fun or inspirational quote for each week to encourage you!

Purchase the 2012 Confident Mom Weekly Household Planner now for only $9 and begin to transform your household into a stress-free, smooth-running environment today! 

Susan Heid

Susan is the mom behind The Confident Mom where she loves inspiring  Christian moms to make small changes managing their home and family life giving them more time, less stress and stronger family relationships! She enthusiastically wears the hat of mom, step-mom and foster mom to 4 awesome kids – ages 19, 15, 11 and 2 years; is married to her very own prince charming, loves coffee, cloudy days, and does think the bluest skies you’ve ever seen are in Seattle.  Join the community of moms on Facebook or find her @ConfidentMom on Twitter.


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