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Decorating Your Kid's Rooms On A Dime

Children's bedrooms are one of the easiest spaces to spruce up and create in your home. You can have a lot of fun decorating your kid's rooms on a dime, and everyone will come out smiling!

In order to satisfy your child's latest color choice or themed room idea, I recommend you start with the basics. The furniture, beds, desks, bookshelves, night stands, and dressers should all be purchased with the intent of the pieces being used throughout the child’s life. If you are  short on cash you can scour the flea markets, thrift shops, Craig’s list, and garage sales, and score on some good furniture. Be willing to fix up items with paint and stain to save a lot of money.

After choosing furniture, then add in storage, shelving, and lay out the room for function and your child’s needs. Obviously this will be different depending on the age of your kids, and if they are sharing a room with others. Keep in mind how your kid's spend time in their rooms, when determining how you plan the room. Obviously the needs of a teen room are entirely different from a young child or baby.

  • Paint is the number one best way to add impact without much money. You can use paint not only on walls, but furniture and room accents. By far the best bang for your buck.
  • Bedding is the next key element. When choosing bedding, consider a more plain or classic design that can last a while, and then if your child likes a certain cartoon character, or theme, you can just add sheets and a pillow sham to bring in that favorite theme your child has been wanting.
  • Window treatments are a simple way to add impact in a room.
  •  Lighting can be fun whether overhead or with lamps.  Be sure to think about the function of the room when considering lighting.
  •  Wall decals and stencils are a great item to decorate with for kids rooms.
  • Accent pillows and rugs are always easy to find and add in for extra color and impact.

Girl Bedroom Ideas

Color: Popular colors for girl’s bedrooms are pink, soft yellow, pale turquoise, blues, soft lilacs, green and even bright white.

Themes: There are many girl bedroom themes to choose from. To name a few: princess, surfing/beach, cottage, tea room, sports, aquatic, flower power, gardens, tropical, butterflies, cowgirls, angels, or polka dots. Have fun finding a theme for your girl’s bedroom that she will absolutely love!

Storage: Storage options such as drawers under the bed or ottomans with lids are great options for girls since they love collecting.  A dresser can be updated with new knobs. A hope chest can double as a bench seat by adding a comfortable cushion on the top.

The Extras: Consider a special reading or craft area in one corner of your girl's bedroom. A desk with drawer space or rolling storage bins can double as an area for homework or crafting. Girls love details! You can include girly items like a fabric-covered cork board, a dressing mirror, hooks for jewelry and dress up items. Stenciling patterns or adding wall decals can bring instant charm for little money. Shelves are perfect for displaying keepsakes and stuffed animals. Use baskets, pretty hatboxes, or photo storage boxes to store her little treasures.

Boy Bedroom Ideas

Color: Blue walls can lend themselves to themes such as pirates, nautical, airplanes, oceans, transportation, and sports. Green walls are ideal for creating a rainforest, jungle, farm, golf, or dinosaurs.

Themes set against earth tones walls could include rustic, southwestern, cowboys, trains, or medieval times, just to name a few. Often times, boys' bedrooms will be shown with bright red, orange, or black colors on the walls. These colors are not calming or peaceful so use them sparingly to keep the room restful but fun.

Storage: Cubes, baskets, or metal containers with lids provide the required storage for toys and books. Opt for simple and functional pieces for your child’s room and he will find a way to use his imagination to make his room into his very own.

The Extras: Again stencils and wall decals are an awesome way to jazz up your boy’s bedroom. The sky is the limit. You can do geometric shapes, stars, rockets, palm trees, castles, airplanes, cars, farms, sports, or animals. When your child's interests change, peel them off or paint over them and you have a clean slate! Think about painting stripes, and even a chalkboard wall for a creative outlet. Beanbags provide comfortable seating in boy’s bedrooms.

Now be sure to go have fun creating and decorating your kid's rooms on a dime!

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