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Combat Chaos And Create Calm In Your Home

Keeping up with our busy schedules can be a challenge. We live in a fast paced society, and kids are in so many activities, that the"hurry scurry" of life can overtake us and does effect the atmosphere in the home.  With three busy boys I find it is a challenge to combat chaos and keep our home feeling serene and calm. There are some tips I have discovered that help our family function at a calmer level.

  • De-clutter main living spaces so everyone feels calm.  Not everywhere in our home has to be perfect, but if the higher traffic areas and sitting areas are kept as simple and clear as possible it makes everyone feel better.
  • Use closed storage for small items that tend to clutter up your spaces. There are so many creative furniture and home organizing items available today, that can be attractive and functional.
  • Plan meals ahead. I often fail at this, but attempt to keep meals planned out. I don't like it when my kids come to ask "what's for dinner?", and I have no idea.  If I know what is for dinner and prep it early, it makes our entire evening go better.
  • Choose pleasing colors for areas that you want to relax as a family or with your spouse.  You will be amazed how when you surround yourself with colors you love how much better you feel. You can do this through paint, simple home accents, and throw pillows.
  • Add real living plants. Green plants add serenity and clean the environment at the same time.
  • Decorate with mirrors. they reflect light and make a room sparkle.
  • Create cozy reading and relaxing spaces where you and your household members can go to have quiet time.
  • Limit electronic time. In our house we encourage time limits to television and electronics.  We encourage reading and creative play with our kids. This is a huge part of creating a calm atmosphere for a family.
  • Turn off the television during meals, and try to get the family together around the table at least a few times out of the week.
  • Burn candles for a nice ambience at any time of the day. Everyone feels special when candles are burning in the home.
  • Add subtle fragrance to your home. Use air fresheners, candles, and earthy potpourris to create a pleasing scent.
  • Play relaxing music. when you want to calm down the atmosphere in your home.  Music can change the mood in our home within minutes.
  • Take time out for you! I have to remind myself of this one all the time.  When we take time out for us, (the keepers of the home) the rest of the house members benefit.
  • This is just some of the simple ways I have found to create calm in our home, and help defuse anxiety.What about you?  What have you found that works for you?

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