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Clutter Mess Organization I never belonged to one of those clubs when I was a little girl.

I wasn't one of those girls who signed her name "Adrienne the Great."

I didn't wear designer jeans and was felt that I "didn't belong."

But I'm thinking about starting a new club. And since I get to be the President I guess I might finally feel that I fit in.


You see, I am really good at:

But I'm not so good at:

  • Staying focused on one thing at a time (I'm just passionate about so many things :-))
  • Not getting overly stressed out with my family (with God's grace, this has been getting better.)
  • Keeping an orderly home (Growing up in a home where my mom left her coat on the back of a dining room chair since she was just going to need it again the next morning didn't help.)

There are more things I could add, but that's enough vulnerability for one post, right :-)? (And no - that is not a photo of my home. Maybe next time.)

Anyway, we've been struggling a lot recently with wanting to be more hospitable. We love people and so do our kids.

But my embarrassment about my "lived in" home really gets in the way.

I've joked about this once or twice, but I think I'm about ready to launch a new women's ministry nationwide.

It's called The Messy Mom Club.

The Rules:

1. Have someone over to your home at least once per week.

2. You may not clean your home before said guests come over. (A quick removal of gross items is allowed. You know--moldy food or stuff in the toilet.)

3. If it's discovered that you scurried and yelled before the guests came over, you're out of the club, but you may immediately be reconsidered for membership if you vow to change.

Here's the important part.

I truly want to show love to my family and others more than I want to care about what people think of my housekeeping skills--or lack thereof.

Truth is, I admire others' beautiful, perfect homes, but have felt the most love in homes that were a lot less than perfect since I knew that those people loved us enough to show their real selves.

And my heart breaks to hear older women say that they wish they had spent less time cleaning and more time just loving their family and friends.

Now, I know it's not good to have constant mess and disorder. And I know I need more routine in my life.

But truthfully, I have a lot on my plate. My husband reminds me of this when I despair of "the mess." He says, "Look, you:

He's right.

One thing at a time.

Care to join? Just let me know in the comment form below :-).

If you're in West Michigan, we'll meet at my home.

In another area?  Email me at wholenewmom {at} gmail {dot} com to apply to be a group leader.

Am I joking? Sort of. Wanna join?

Photo Source: Flickr Photo stream of Puuikibeach

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