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5 Ways To Combat The "At Home Mama" Munchies!

I don't know about you, but one of the biggest challenges I face in the area of keeping healthy is keeping a tight rein on the food I intake! How, when and what you eat play a much BIGGER part into your weight loss goals over any type of exercise you do! Being a stay at home mom has added an additional challenge as I have access to food 24/7! I find that every time I walk through the kitchen (which is about 177 times a day) I can grab something to eat! When I worked full time outside of the house, I had much more control. I brought my snacks and lunch so if I ran out, I either had to pay to get more or I just went hungry. :)

So whether you work at home, or stay at home with your kiddos, here are some great ways to combat those munchies!!

1.) Keep smoothies in the refrigerator.

I make a plethora of smoothies! Anywhere from protein, fruit or vegetable based ones depending on the need of the day. I usually make extra and keep it in a container or glass in the fridge and grab when I need a quick snack or we are headed out the door.

2.) Plan your snacks and meals.

I know this may make some of you "Type B" folks shake in your boots, but this may be exactly what you need! If you are not able to have self-control in the kitchen, this is a great way for you to do just that. (As you get more familiar with your calorie needs, you can base it off of "how your body feels" but to start, I recommend this) Plan to eat something about every 2-3 hours. If it's not time to eat, then don't!

3.) Keep a vegetable tray in the fridge.

This is such an easy way for my kids and I to get our veggie quota in for the day. I make a healthy dip (like this one!) and those veggies go down in a snap! (Added bonus: When you need some cut up veggies for your dinner recipe, it's already done!)

A typical veggie tray at our house. Yes, that's a hard-boiled egg. They go like hotcakes around here!

4.) Don't buy the (unhealthy) stuff you like.

Yes...that's right. If you are REALLY struggling with eating stuff you shouldn't be, then stop buying it. I can hear you now..."But I buy it for my kids!" Well then they can find another treat to eat (that you don't like as much) OR, they can start eating the healthy stuff with you! I find that I am just better clearing out the food that causes a big temptation for me. If you really need to keep it in the house and don't need to access it until later in the day, have your hubby hide it from you (I did this with my Easter candy) and then ask for it at that time.

5.) Get visual.

Keep a list of your goals, a scripture verse, or a goal picture of yourself at the door of the cabinet or refrigerator. Sometimes we need that visual reminder to refocus us when our willpower is weak.

Do you struggle with "at home mama" munchies or am I the only one? What types of things do you do to keep a tight rein on this area?

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