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5 Ways To Jump Start Your Hibernating Health

5 Ways To Jump Start Your Hibernating Health

Well here we are in mid-March....looking forward to flowers starting to bloom, temperatures rising just a little, and we all get re-inspired to focus on our health!

I live in northeast Ohio, so to say that my health has been in some sort of "hibernation" is no lie! Some of you may live in milder climates and not have the same extremes that I do, but it's always good to renew and refresh some of your habits!

As Winter slowly creeps by some of us can tend to "hibernate"! 😂 Spring is knocking at the door and as the weather starts to warm up we may just be feeling that urge to re-focus on our health! Join us today as our resident health guru Clare Smith shares 5 ways to jump start our hibernating health 🎉

Here are 5 ways you can jumpstart your health!

1) Find some new recipes!

Chances are you have a "salads" or "grill" board on pinterest, or maybe you have a cookbook you haven't brought out in a while. Spend an hour one day browsing and insert some new recipes back in the mix. There are so many great fruits & veggies in season to experiment with!

2) Take a walk after dinner

If you've been used to frigid temps, then chances are, you haven't been outside except for when you had to be. Going for a walk after dinner is a GREAT way to work off some of that food, and to spend some time with the husband and/or kids! 

3) Consider the kids

Speaking of kids, they've aged since you were outside with them in the fall! If you have young kids, they probably have increased their skills on the bike or roller skates, or maybe they are at an age when they can join you for a small run or workout

4) Work that water

I don't seem to drink (or want to drink) as much water in the winter, but it's a little easier to do so now. If you get bored drinking it plain, add some fresh fruit or use essential oils (my favorite is grapefruit or orange) to spice it up! Get a cute glass water bottle while you are at it that you can keep with you at all times of the day!

5) Refresh your playlist

One super practical way I can tell when I need to refresh my playlist is when I lack motivation to get to the gym. I think everyone is different on this, but I need fresh music popping in and out of my playlist about every 2-4 weeks. This is a great time to do so. There are some awesome Christian bands out there to try out (Toby Mac, Andy Mineo, Switchfoot, and more!)

What other tips do you have to refresh your health this spring?

Also, check out Clare's Living + Active Challenge including 5 weeks of exercise and scripture memorization to jumpstart your health.

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