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Finding Your Creative Side!

I have a confession to make.  I am not a crafty mom, not a bake it from scratch mom, and not a mom that can make her own homeschool curriculum.  Many times I look around at blogs, and magazines and if I’m not careful I begin to feel like a failure, there are some really creative moms out there.

Several years ago the Lord spoke to me about all of that.  HE reminded me that HE made me and gave me the gifts HE wanted me to have.

I believe all moms have gifts and a creative side and it is all beautiful.  The thing is, you need to find it.  Look deep inside and find out what your passions are. Find out what  you good at and make those a part of memories you make with your children.  Sometimes we think things have to be done up in a big way to make special memories but I’m here to tell you that it is just not true.  Kids are very happy with quality time with you however you do it.

Write down a list of what you are good at or enjoy and make your kids a part of that list.  Some of mine are:

Reading great books- I LOVE to read and I don’t just read to my younger children, I love a great Narnia book or adventure story to share with my 12 yr old.  We talk all the time about all the great books we have read over the years.

I love to swim, LOVE it-we were blessed to be given an above ground pool this year and I was in it almost every day with my kids this summer, we made so many great memories together.  My middle son accepted Christ as Savior one night this summer when just he and I were taking a night swim.  How wonderful it was when this precious child asks Jesus to be Lord of his life right there in the pool in the star filled night.  I will never forget it!

I love to plan family nights and to come up with simple fun traditions.  It is amazing how I can come up with a themed night in a very simple way.  Sure, it may be pre make and bake cookies and a movie or picnic in the back yard but my kids LOVE it.  They don’t care that I didn’t bake all day or have the money to take them somewhere fancy, they only care that mom planned something fun and they are going to have a great night with their family.

This is not to look down on you real creative mamas out there, you are AMAZING and if you have been gifted in that area and love it-I say go ALL out and enjoy every minute but for the ones that are not, know you can still bless your family by staying simple.

I feel so passionate about sharing with families how they can make memories together.


Because it connects you to them, it helps you have time to laugh together, to have deep conversations, and special times that help you win their hearts.  Don’t ever feel like you have to be a super mom to make that happen.  Find the gifts within, the ones that God has gifted you with and make them a part of your memories with your children.  Your kids will remember them forever and so will you!

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