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5 Reasons to Create Traditions in Your Family

x-default I LOVE family traditions.  I love to create new ones and enjoy ones from the past!  There is something wonderful recalling traditions I have celebrated as a child and/or as a mom!  They can be anything you do consistently to celebrate an event, season, or just about anything special.  Sometimes we think about the holiday traditions such as cutting down a real tree every Christmas or a fun grill out with family on the 4th of July but there are other fun things when you think outside the box you can create as well.  For example:

Your family's favorite pot of soup cooked on the first day it snows!

A pumpkin patch visit during the month of October!

A photo session of the family in the same place every year wearing the same colors (You will see the family grow)

A themed party for a holiday - An example would be a Thanksgiving feast all done up with things from the Pilgrims and Indians.  Homemade butter and a great story by the fire!

A special DVD or CD played the same time of the year

Back to School Celebrations with a special breakfast and new school supplies

Buying a new ornament for the tree every year

I know if you brainstorm you can think of something special to do with your family for a tradition!

There are 5 great reasons to celebrate traditions in your family!

  1. Traditions create wonderful memories - Traditions can create very memorable memories.  I know growing up as a little girl, there was nothing that excited me more than a family tradition that was coming up.  I would get the calendar out and mark all my special days that would be coming up on The New Year! I know my children also get excited when we are about to celebrate a tradition in the family, I know they will remember them always.

Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children. Charles R. Swindoll

  1. Intentional parenting at its best - Traditions cause you to be intentional.  You spend quality time on making them happen and while you are making the special memory with your kids, you can't help but give them quality time.
  2. Helps you connect with your family on a deeper level - Traditions help bring out great conversations, food, laughter and a lot of togetherness!  Many memories your kids will have about aunts, uncles and cousins come from traditions.  The family usually bonds during these times like no other!
  3. Helps you pass down family values and your legacy - Traditions are a great way to pass down what is important to you.  An Advent Tree, thankful jar, church traditions, and sharing your faith often come from these special times and days. The Old Testament often talks about traditions and passing on a heritage to their children.
  4. It gives Your Family a Sense of Belonging - It is wonderful to have a sense of belonging somewhere. There are too many people in our world that have no one to love them, no one to belong to and we are very blessed to have family(even if sometimes it don't feel like it) Children need this sense of belonging, especially as they go out into their world and face hardships!

What are some traditions that you celebrate? The holiday season is coming up and the perfect time to start a new one!

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Angela, Together with Family

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