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Kids in the Kitchen!

At the beginning of the Summer I received a sweet phone call from a beloved neighbor. She began to explain that she just wasn't very confident in her cooking ability. She didn't feel like much of a teacher to her children in this area...but, her heart's desire was for her children to begin to learn how to cook! My first thought was "I'll do it!" (before she even asked for my help) and my second thought was "What an awesome mom."

So, it was set...we decided we were going to do a  "kid swap"... She took my little ones for an afternoon and I took hers. I had the blessing of training her children up in the kitchen!

Here of some photos of her girls cooking with me. We made three lasagnas -one for my family, one for the girls to take home, and one for a friend who had surgery. We also made salads and homemade brownies! I enjoyed teaching these sweet girls and they seemed to have a ton of fun! I was so surprised how quickly they dug their hands into the ingredients and "got cookin"!

Here are some photos of our day...

Cooking ground beef/Italian sausage

Adding eggs to the Ricotta

What a fun afternoon!

Pretty good for their first time making lasagna, wouldn't you say?

Ladies, let me be an encouragement to you to pull up those kitchen chairs to your countertop and let your little one's watch and help you in the kitchen. Don't worry about egg shells, milk spills, or flour on your floor...all of that can be cleaned up. The gift of hospitality is precious and will be such a blessing to your children.

Let me also encourage you to make a "little extra", especially with meals like lasagna. One small tray can be a HUGE blessing to a family who could use a meal. You would be amazed at the gratitude shown when you take a meal to someone's home who has just had surgery, had a baby, or is being weighed down with the stress of life. Be the arms and hands of Jesus and share His love generously!

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