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Fun and Easy Noodle Art Project for Kids


"Children need the freedom and time to play. Play is not a luxury, play is a necessity." ~Kay Jamison, Clinical Psychiatrist

Being "Comfy in the Kitchen" isn't always about cooking.

Here is a simple, inexpensive, and fun way to create artwork using items that you already have in your kitchen! My little girls had so much fun coloring noodles, squirting on the glue, getting messy and just having good ole fashioned fun doing this craft together.

This is a great project for the upcoming Holidays too! Ask your children to create a tree with autumn leaves or let them create what "Fall" looks like to them! The fun they will have is worth getting out the broom....don't forget to play, my sweet friends!

All you'll need: Food coloring, different shaped noodles, Rubbing Alcohol and plastic baggies. 

Have your little one add food coloring and alcohol - shake until noodles are colored.

Do this with as many noodles and colors as you like. 

Ready for craft time! 


That looks beautiful sweetie!

Awww....who would have thought noodles could be so fun? {They sure do beat the price of legos! lol!}

I pray that you will take the time to play will mean the world to your child. 

*You can also make beautiful noodle necklaces with colored noodles! 

Noodle Art

Noodles of different shapes and sizes

Small Ziploc Baggies

Food Coloring

Rubbing Alcohol

Place 1-2 handfuls of noodles in a baggie. Add 5 drops of food coloring and 2 tsps of rubbing alcohol. Shake. You can let dry in bag or you can pour them out on a paper towel lined plate for quicker drying! Have fun!!   

Blessings, Janelle

Comfy in the Kitchen



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