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Saying Yes

This morning, before I even got out of bed, my three-year-old wanted a sandwich. And I was tired.  So I wanted to say "not right now".

Later in the morning, an hour before we needed to leave for a church function, all three boys wanted to go outside and play.

And I knew they'd get wet and/or dirty.  So I wanted to say "not right now".

When we got back, all of the children were starving and wanted me to cut up a watermelon.

And I was even more tired, and knew it would make a sticky mess.  So I wanted to say "not right now".

At 9:00 at night, when all I wanted was for babies to be quieted and snuggled into bed, the three-year-old wanted a sandwich.  Again.

Guess what  I wanted to say?

There was a time in my mothering when I said the word "no" more than anything else to my children.  They were unhappy, I was unhappy.  And I got tired of our relationship suffering from a case of the "not right nows".

So I started saying yes.

Today, we ate early morning sandwiches, got wet before church (and changed clothes), ate watermelon, and ate sandwiches.  Again.

And we were happy.

Do you struggle with saying yes to your children?

Jessica is the mother of four children she affectionately calls "Wild Things".  She is the author of "Parenting Wild Things- Embracing the Rumpus" and you can also find her writing at her blog Bohemian Bowmans.

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