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I'm A Worser Mom

Hi my name is Jessica and I’m a Worser mom.  Oh, I’m sure I’m “better” than somebody, but I’m worser than who I want to be.  I’m worser than who I claim to be.  I’m worser than who I appear to be in that book about being a good mom that I wrote.

And I feel the pressure of that every day.

Every time I’m in the grocery store and find myself on the edge of acting towards my children in a way that I’ve quite publicly written against.  Every time I’m in a restaurant and their father is reacting to them in a way that I explicitly railed against in my book.  Every time one or both of us fail to be the better parent that we want to be.

But occasionally I manage to look up from my tear-stained pile of mommy guilt and remember these wise words that someone once wrote...

“Don’t beat yourself up too hard when you fail. Let’s be honest, you will fail. I fail daily. If you really think about it, there has literally never been a perfect mother. Not Eve, not Mary, not anyone. We all make mistakes, lose our cool, and react less than gracefully sometimes. The best thing we can do is simply pick ourselves up, ask for forgiveness from God and our Wild Things, and move on. Habits aren’t changed overnight, we need to attempt to show ourselves at least as much grace as we’re learning to show our children.” - Me

Oh yeah. Ahem.

Let's all find a way to extend grace to ourselves today.  After all, God already has.


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