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5 Habits of a Happy Family

“Mommy, come. I’ve found this path and there are so many flowers.”

It’s morning, and our second day camping in Jasper, Alberta, our favorite place on earth with its mountain peaks—like a father’s hands cupped, shielding this sacred hollow of water and spruce from the rest of the world.

I leave my coffee and follow my oldest son to the path he’s found and he points out the daisies, the bluebells, the buttercups.

The Gift of a Child's Name { Review}

The Gift of a Child's Name

He's four and he just learned how to spell and write his name recently. He is so proud (and so am I!). It's nothing to consider ordinary, even though most children in America learn how to spell and write their own name. 

But there is a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when they see their name in writing and recognize it as themselves. To me, names are so important and we didn't chose any of our children's names lightly. 

Much like you, I have deep desires for my two girls. I yearn for them to experience WHO I know vs WHAT I know. I have noticed my children learn so much quicker through laughter (experiences) over lectures.

As we rush around town and pick up gifts and head to the next party, here are 5 things I want my girls to experience this upcoming holiday season.  Try some with me!

Every year as we pull out the decorations and recipes and ornaments, we also rediscover our favorite Christmas books! Most of these books are missing their dust jackets, the edges are worn, hot chocolate drops can be found on certain pages and some of them are even from my own childhood. But reading books together at Christmas is one of my very favorite traditions! Here are a few of our favorites...

Entering the holiday season can be familiar and exciting, but it can also be overwhelming because it comes so quickly. If you are like me you wish it was extended over a longer period of time just so you can savor all of the seasonal benefits such as holiday themed cups at coffee houses, the smell of wet concrete from rain or even snow, pumpkin everything, and of course eggnog. This time of year is special and can often times bring up fond memories of the past, especially if families made an effort to incorporate traditions. We find ourselves taking turns in conversations reminiscing of past seasons and what made it the most special to us. Don’t you agree?